May Round Up

I swear it feels like I just did last month’s round-up just days ago (that’s how fast this month flew by for me). This month has been extremely busy, almost non stop. So much so, that I have been slacking (bad) on posting blog content for you all, but I promise to make it all up to you in June.

Can you believe we are less than a month away from summer!?!? I mean it sure feels like summer here in Las Vegas already. We even experienced our first 100 degree weather just the other week!

To give you a peak of how crazy busy my month was, continue to read below.

Microderm Infusion

I’ve experienced my first Microderm Infusion ever at Massage Envy! I’ve been asked through Instagram when I posted it on my stories if it hurt, and no it didn’t hurt at all. It actually felt more like a cat’s tongue was licking you the whole entire time.

So my review on the Microderm Infusion.. honestly, after the Microderm facial my skin was soft, but I didn’t see a huge difference, as I was expecting too. It was not until a couple of days later that I could really see a difference. Now keep in mind, after my Microderm Infusion, I was very faithful on keeping up with my morning and nighttime facial routine. So I’m sure that helped out a lot. I did notice that my skin was really soft, and my pores reduced down a lot. Is my skin still soft and my pores reduced down? No. As soon as I started going to the pool and putting a lot of heavy sunscreen on, my skin has been annoyed with me. I would honestly have my skin hate me during the summer right now, then it get burned or even worse..sun spots. So for the time being, I will just be doing my monthly facials and then when pool season is over I will do another Microderm Infusion to get my skin back to the softness it should be.

After our facial, my best friend and I tried a new cafe called, Neighbors Cafe. The inside of the cafe was absolutely adorable and the food was sooo delicious. On top of that, it was healthy! Definitely, my new go to spot! I honestly, wouldn’t have ever decided to go there, if it was not for a friend posting how amazing it was on Instagram. The sign for the cafe, kind of looks like a place that would sell… cannabis, lol. But, that just tell you to never judge a book by its cover, right!?!

2018 School Walk A Thon

Melia and Avery’s school hold an annual walk-a-thon that is done every year in May, which follows their field day after the walk. We walk for about a half a mile and then come back to school and that’s when the kids have their field day! We always have a great time, especially the kids!!

Avery’s (pre) birthday celebration

Every year before we have our daughter’s birthday party with all of the family/friends, we like to have more of an intimate day with just the birthday girl. We normally take them to somewhere they would like to go (we allow them to choose between 2 places) and then take them to their favorite restaurant.

Avery choose to go to Adventure Indoor Playground, and then wanted to go to her favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. She is obsessed with their honey bbq wings.

Avery’s 5th Birthday Party

I can’t believe she’s 5 already!!!! We celebrated Avery’s 5th birthday with family at Bounce U. Everyone had such a great time, especially the birthday girl! The customer service was awesome there, and so were our party hosts! Definitely would book another party through them in a heart beat!

Mary Jane Falls

Such a beautiful trail and hike, but boy was it tough. I wrote a full review on this hike a couple weeks ago (Mary Jane Falls- Mt. Charleston), but it sure did call for beautiful views. I would say it was worth the sweat and the soreness that I experienced days later!!


Ice Skating

Avery has previously done ballet before, and after a year break from ballet, it was time to place her back into a sport. She decided that she didn’t want to do ballet anymore. So I had her do a trial class for gymnastics (wasn’t her thing, even though she did great at it), wouldn’t do the trial hip hop class (which btw, she dances every single day, so it only made sense to place her in a dance class right… but nope), so I suggested ice skating and showed her a couple of You Tube videos of little girls her age doing figure skating. She showed a lot of interest in it, watched countless videos of figure skaters of all ages, and decided she wanted to try it out.

Now, keep in mind, Avery HATES being cold and I mean HATES IT! So, I wasn’t sure if this was going to work out.

I decided to just take her to an open skate session before actually signing her up in the class, to see if she can actually take the cold and if she may even like it.

Surprisingly, she loved it! She showed so much interest, got skating down after a few tries using the little helper/guide and she was good to go.

She is now taking classes in a Learn to Skate program at Las Vegas Ice Center. Once she graduates from the program, we will be looking into placing her into Figure Skating for her age, which she can’t wait to do!

Mother’s Day Tea

Such a special day I look forward too at my daughter’s school. I’ve experienced this day with my oldest, Melia, and I was so happy I can experience it again with Avery.

She served me some delicious cookies and a cupcake along with “tea” (fruit punch). It was so adorable. Of course Avery had the cupcake before I could even grab it.

I can’t get over how adorable the card and flower vase are, which she painted all by herself.

Brown’s Gymnastic Spring Fling


So, since I’ve started Avery into ice skating, that only meant Melia started a sport too. She was also in ballet at the same time as Avery was in, and she also decided she didn’t want to pursue it. She has been always talking about doing gymnastics, so after much research for the best gym in town, I decided to enroll her into Brown’s Gymnastic. Soon as enrolling her into gymnastics, her teacher suggested for her to be in Spring Fling.

Spring Fling is a competition just not a “real” competition. It’s pretty much showing all the student’s what it would be like once they are actually in a real competition and preparing them for what it would be like and how they will be judged.

The day of Spring Fling, she wore the same leotard as her other class mates, was scored on each performance (the beam, floor, bars, and vault), and received a medal at the end. It was such a good experience for her. I was able to see how she would handle big crowds watching her, and the judges scoring her (which of course she didn’t even pay attention to the score board). At the end of the competition and after receiving their medal, they also received a flower lei to give to their moms for Mother’s Day.. it was so sweet!

Get Air

Another birthday, another fun place to go, and that’s what Get Air was all about! The kids love trampoline parks. I love them because it totally wears the kids out.. hehe.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was spent at the Red Rock Casino & Pool. My Uncle for the 2nd year in a row now, rented a cabana for the family. So we all got to spend the whole day there. The kids loved it and had so much fun. I’ve actually decided to spend my 30th birthday here! I can’t wait!

California- Orthodontist Appointment

Alright y’all, it’s that time again to visit California for my ortho appointment at Carson’s Dental Care. Let me just tell you, this appointment was rough. Taking the wires off, was the same.. felt amazing (especially when the bands and wires are completely off), but placing the wire and bands back on… that was a bit rough for me. First off, my upper teeth were really sensitive, so there were 2 specific teeth that felt like I wanted to punch my aunt after she placed the new bands back on… lol!

Once everything was placed on and she tightened the wire, there was a lot more discomfort this time around, unlike last month, but it only lasted for about 2 days.

**Month’s end braces update** I can definitely see my teeth getting straighter and my upper teeth making more space for the tooth that’s behind my other tooth to move forward (which is why my upper teeth were more sensitive than normal). The discomfort lasted for about 2 days. Every now and then my teeth will be sensitive or I’ll have discomfort and that’s because my teeth are shifting, but Advil will kick the pain right out the door. Next appointment will be in July. 

After my aunt and I’s Ortho appointment, we ended up checking into the hotel a bit early, and took a nap. We decided to go to Redondo Beach, to hang out at the pier and have dinner at Quality Seafood…. YUMMM!



After some relaxing time at the pier and walking off all the food we consumed, we decided to go back to the hotel and just relax. We had to leave early the next morning, to arrive back in Vegas to make it to Melia’s project viewing at school, which we literally made it just in time (and I mean just in time)!




Top Golf- Graduation Party

My little cousin’s high school graduation party was celebrated at Top Golf. The kids had such an awesome time, hitting golf balls into the field, and trying to make it into the score zones!

Class of 2018- Bishop Gorman

The day after my cousin’s graduation party, was his actual graduation. It was such a beautiful ceremony. Congrats’ Sinjin, off to ASU he goes!

Avery’s End of The Year Ice Cream Party

It’s that time of the year, their last day of school, which means… ICE CREAM PARTY! We signed up to bring the vanilla ice cream for the class. Robert and I ended up stopping by Smart & Final the morning of the party to pick up the ice cream.Well, they didn’t have the gallon tubs of ice cream, so 3 gallons it was. The tub was HUGE! After serving the ice cream to Avery’s class, we had sooo much ice cream left over, that we ended up serving Melia’s class with ice cream, and my nephew’s class with ice cream too!

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation


The day our heart breaks a little. Why, well because that just means they have completed a milestone and they are getting bigger. I can’t believe my little Avery graduated Pre-Kindergarten. She is now a Kindergartner.

Her teacher’s Mrs. Commodore and Mrs. Pettijean, were wonderful as always. We were very lucky to have both of the teachers, as Melia did when she went into Pre-K.



Melia’s End of The Year Pizza Party


Not only does Avery get an end of the year party, but so does Melia. Robert and I also volunteered for Melia’s end of the year party. We are a total school mom/dad and volunteer at every chance we get! We didn’t get that experience when the both of us were younger, so now is our chance to experience it with our kiddos. They love it, and so do we!

The theme for the end of the year party was magical unicorn. Let’s just say the girls LOVED IT… the boys, not so much!

Memorial Day BBQ

You ever have last-minute party plans!?!?! Well, that’s exactly what happened to me! Literally last minute I decided to have a Memorial Day BBQ/swimming party at my house. Talk about hectic!!! Luckily, I cleaned the house the day before (phew). After rushing to the grocery store to get stuff for the party, I was non stop. So much so, I couldn’t even get ready or put myself together!

It was all worth it though. The kids had a blast swimming, and we all ate some delicious bbq chicken, grilled veggies, grilled chicken liver (yeah.. yeah.. yeah), Italian pasta salad, and watermelon… YUMMMMMM!

Wet N Wild

You will see many many post of us being at Wet N Wild this summer. Why?? Because we have season passes. Every year, we always purchase season passes for Wet N Wild. Even though it’s not as big as most Wet N Wild’s are or as big as the old Wet N Wild here in Vegas many years ago, it’s still something for us to do. It’s also right down the street from us, which makes it a lot easier for us to go back and forth too. We all love it. So, be prepared to see many more pictures of us at Wet N Wild this season.

Me time! 

My me time consists of my monthly facials and lunch with my best friend. I enjoy these monthly dates that we get to have. We both get to relax for an hour and nurture our skin. Then we have lunch and chit chat for hours!





After our facial, we had lunch at Skinny Fats, and OMG if you are in Las Vegas, and have not gone here… you SERIOUSLY NEED TOO! 




Well, that’s how crazy busy this month was. Busy much!?! There were things even in between what I mentioned that we did, I just didn’t have time to take any pictures.

I also do have days that I like to take “days off” from social media and not really be on my phone, which is always recommended to do. As much as I love taking pictures, blogging, and keeping up with all those who post on social media, it’s still very important to set the phone down and spend time with your family or whatever or whoever it is to recharge. So, with that said, I’m going to go cuddle with my kiddos (and maybe sip some wine 😉)

All with love,


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