May Round Up

OHHH May…. you have been a busy month for me, but I am honestly glad you are now gone! So many school activities, so many end of the year parties, so many things to get done before the kids are off of school and drive me insane! HAHAHA

We started off the month with going to the girls annual school Walk-A-Thon and field day. Every year, we walk in the community behind the school as a school. The kids seriously love this, and I’ll be honest… so do I!

It’s a time for kids to run, walk with their friends, and get a warm up in before all the field day activities.

Next, we move onto field day!!! Field day now a days are a lot different then when I had it… there’s consist of obstical bounce house, and a slip ‘n’ slide! LOL But, of course they kids are all for it.


First Wet ‘N’ Wild day of the season! Even when the water is FREEZING, the kids don’t care and still want to brave the cold waters!

The benefit of going while the water is cold…. no lines!

Avery’s 6th Birthday Party

Avery’s birthday, was the cutest! I didn’t know how it would turn out with her choosing LOL Surprise as her theme, but let me just say, it was adorable!

I didn’t want her party looking like a cartoon like theme (if you know what I mean), so I added some floral arrangements, so make it more modern and cute! You can read more of where I purchased everything for her party HERE.

Avery Turns 6!

Avery’s actual birthday fell on a school day, which is why we celebrated her birthday the weekend before. But, on her actual birthday we went into her class for lunch and brought all the class donuts.

They sure did love it, but when it was time for us to go, little miss Avery was a sad one and didn’t want to let her daddy go.

Later on that evening after ice skating, we took her out for dinner and she choose to go to Giordano’s. SOO good! If you guys have that restaurant near you, or you’re local… go! They have THE BEST deep dish pizza! YUMMM

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year, we started off by going to church in the morning and then having lunch at the Aria Buffet.

While we waited in line at the buffet, there was a ballon artist there, and made the girls and I these wonderful matching headband balloons!

Character Book Report

This was my daughter’s first character book report. She choose to read Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat book, and dressed up as Cat In The Hat. She did such a good job! I’m so proud of her!

Last Volunteer School Lunch

Since the school year was ending, my husband and I decided to volunteer in Avery’s last school lunch in Kindergarten! Moments like this, I will miss…

Kindergarten End Of The Year Luau Party + Ice Cream Party

For Avery’s end of the year party, they had a fun Luau party. Lots of fun games, yummy snacks, and lots of photo props!

At the same times as Avery’s Luau party; Melia’s class had an ice cream party, which of course she and the class enjoyed!

Kindergarten Graduation!!

The moment were I couldn’t stop crying…. yes I cried.. many of times!

Avery’s Kindergarten graduation ceremony was absolutely beautiful and went perfectly smooth!

After the graduation ceremony, we had a little celebration with cupcakes and cookies after the graduation

and then celebrated her accomplishment with lunch at Cheesecake Factory

Melia’s 2nd Grade End Of The Year Party

For Melia’s end of the year party, they did something different and had a scavenger hunt with a little dance party, and then a ballon toss game! It was a perfect ending to the school year.

Memorial Day BBQ

We celebrated Memorial Day with what we do best… picnic at the park… eating… and being with family! It was the perfect ending to conclude May!


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