April Round Up

APRIL SHOWERS BRINGS MAY FLOWERS – well April sure did bring a few showers here in Las Vegas, and a few other events as well! It was just a busy busy month for me over here, and it still continues….

We started off the beginning of the month by going to a hidden gem here in Las Vegas called Gabi Coffee & Bakery. This place is absolutely adorable. The moment you opened the door, it feels like your taken back into an old fairy tale. I fell in love with every bit of the place. It’s so catchy. It’s a great place to have a good ol’ conversation with friends, catch up on some work, or simply to just enjoy the scenery… have some tea and pastries.

I came with my family.. of course, and we decided to try 4 of their teas and a few desserts. My favorite was their cheeky peach hot tea and their rose lychee cake.

If you’re a local here in Vegas or planning a visit to Vegas, definitely check this place out!

Lunch Date With My Husband

I love my husbands and I’s little lunch dates. We went to one of our favorite resturants Bahama Breeze. This restaurant is one of the few places that no matter what you get… it taste AH-MAZ-ZING! I got their lobster pasta and Bobby got their steak chimichurri. Mouth watering!

After lunch, we had some time to spare before picking up the kids; so what did that mean… SHOPPING!


I love when my family comes up with last minute day trips! Since my Aunt lives about 15 minutes outside of Laughlin, Nevada (in Bullhead City), we decided to take a day trip out there to visit her!

We spent a few hours at my Aunt + Uncle’s house catching up… and ya know taking advantage of her beautiful flowers that she has growing there….

Then we took a short trip to Oatman, AZ which is located on Route 66. I’ve personally been here a few times, but its always fun coming back, especially since it’s not far from their house.

Yes, that’s wild donkeys just strolling through.

After visiting Oatman + having lunch at a chinese buffet (not pictured because at that point we were all starving and taking a picture was not even a thought at that moment.. hahaha) we went to Laughlin + took the free river boat across the river to one of the casinos.

Want to know something funny… we literally just came here just to take the free short boat ride 🤣!

Since we were across the river on the casino side, we strolled through RiverSide Casino and decided to check out the classic car museum.So many beauties in this room!

Shortly after the museum we went back to my Aunt’s house for a bit, then headed back to GOOD OL’ VEGAS! 


Surprise.. surprise, were back in California. At first I didn’t plan on really doing anything for Spring Break this year, because we have so much going on right now… but, I decided that since I’m already there for my brace appointment… why not stay an extra day… go to the beach and make the most out of it!

That’s exactly what we did….

Brace update….

Improvements were made this time around…. YAY! But braces still remain on. My overbite has been corrected, but because I haven’t been wearing my elastic bands, as I should be, some of my teeth remain the same. Which of course she noticed. So, I guess if I want these bad boys off.. I really need to wear these bands! 

After our appointments, we decided to go to Redondo Beach (one of my faves) and have dinner there. We ate at Quality Seafood…and it was so yummy!

After our delicious dinner, we strolled through the pier and just enjoyed the scenery.

Then went down to the beach (it was freezing out!) and had the kids play in the sand for a bit… until it got too cold out!

The next morning, we had breakfast at Portos Bakery. Now, if you live in California + haven’t tried Porto’s yet…. man oh man are you missing out! Seriously the BEST! Their dulce de leche cookies WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!

We then went down to Newport Beach + spent the day at the beach lounging, hanging out, taking pictures, eating, looking for sea shells, and tanning! It wasn’t until we started noticing there was tar (from the ocean) that was washing up from the sea…. yes tar and it’s a thing (google it.. if you don’t believe me). But, once you step in it… it smells AWEFUL and it’s SOOO hard to get off! So, if this ever happens to you…. go to the bathroom there and use a lot of soap to wash it all off. Make sure to take it off so it doesn’t smell!

After spending time at the beach we went back to our hotel and rather than swim in tar ocean like water, we choose swimming at the hotel heated pool instead! LOL sooo much better!

Later that night for dinner, we decided to go back to our FAVORITE Thai restaurant in Los Angeles + that’s Sanamluang Cafe. If any of ya’ll like Thai food…. guys look no further. This will be your new spot!

After our amazing dinner, I decided to take my cousin and the girls to Urban Lights at the LACMA Museum.

Melia was in AWE of how beautiful it was there + just thanked me for taking her! She told me that it was better in real life than in FaceTime (heart melted)!

The very next morning, we were heading back to Vegas, but before that, I couldn’t leave without having breakfast at Roscoes Chicken & Waffles.

After recovering from our mini trip to California, Bobby + I took the girls to the park for a little play date.

Easter Egg Coloring

It’s always been a yearly tradition of ours to color eggs, and this year was no different. The girls had such a good time making their own designs and really mixing colors!


Looks like the Easter Bunny arrived in the Mosley household….

We always spend Easter at the park with all of the family and do a pot luck. We spent all day there had such a good time spending time with family + friends.

Of course we couldn’t do Easter without an Easter egg hunt. The kids had such a good time and got lots of yummy goodies…. and even money!

School Resurrection Party

Now that Spring Break was over, Avery’s class had a resurrection party/egg hunt at school! It was so fun hiding all the eggs from the kiddos + then celebrating Jesus’s resurrection.

The Neon Museum 

Something that I’ve always wanted to do, and finally did was visit the Neon Museum. Not only does it make for great photo opportunities, but it’s part of Las Vegas history. Seeing all the old Casino signs, some that has been torn down + some that just have been revamped, it just brings you back to memory lane….

Multi-Cultural Night

Every school year, the school holds an annual event for multi- cultural night. Each grade gets a country, which they study about + try different foods. Avery’s class had Ireland and Melia’s class had Phillippines.

For Melia’s class… all the Filipino parents gathered together and decided to do a really big fiesta for the night.. with lots of yummy food + desserts.

You won’t believe me when I say… it was such a HUGE success! The room was completely jammed packed + the food didn’t even last an hour before it was all gone!

After such an eventful night, we decided to have ice-cream. We tried Creamistry and boy was it delicious!

First Holy Communion


It was such a special day. We celebrated Melia’s and my 2 nephews first Holy Communion! We had so many family members there celebrating with us. It was such a beautiful day.

After the communion, we continued the celebration + had lunch at the A.Y.C.E Buffet inside the Palms Casino.

Well as you can see April was quite the busy month for me. As May is here, it’s the last month of school for the kids. So I better make May last, before my kids start driving me insane during summer break!


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