September Round Up

I can’t believe it’s already fall season and pumpkin EVERYTHING is back! My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year is here and i’m all for it!

However, I will say I am slightly jealous that I can’t decorate for the Fall since we are still at my parents house. I am seeing all the precious decor in everyones homes and ughhh makes me miss my home. BUT, next year will come, we will be in our new home, and don’t you worry…. I will have all the fall decor up by Sept 1st! hahaha (my husband is sooo going to hate me)

But, other than that… September hasn’t been too crazy. We finally got into the grove of being back in school and getting the hang of homework again, and just doing A LOT of appliance/furniture/home shopping and window shopping at ALL the stores for the things we need for when we move in.

It’s honestly been kind of a boring month for us (surprisingly). We did however, do a few things…..

Sept 20th – Town Square

One of our favorite things to do when the weather cools down is go to Town Square (near the LV strip). The kids love playing in the play area, however it’s currently closed for remodel, and then once the playground closes; we hang out in the grass field and let the kids run around and play.

Sept 21st- Adventure Dome

It was my little cousin’s 13th birthday, and she had her little party at Adventure Dome. Man has it been over 10 years since I’ve been back at this place. It’s the only “theme park” that is located in Las Vegas, but as a kid/teen I use to ALWAYS go here! So much has changed from when I last been here, but it was so nice to be able to take the kids here.. especially since this was a major thing for me when I was young.

Sept 22nd – Night out with the adults (NO KIDS)

To celebrate my Aunt’s (who is also my godmother) birthday a bit early, all of the adults decided to have a nice dinner out at Texas De Brazil, and leave the kids with my cousin to watch… hehehe. It was such a nice night. Since this was a last minute dinner, we didn’t make a reservation, which we learned a BIG lesson from… because our wait time for nearly 3 hours long!!! Yes, 3 hours. So if you are ever planning on going to that restaurant… yes it’s worth it, but make a reservation!

and last but not least was celebrating yet another birthday… another little nephew of mine.

Sept 28th – IT Birthday Party

My cousin had a small little dinner at her house for her son, and since he’s OBSESSED with all types of scary movies… he asked if his theme of his party can be IT…. anyone scared of clowns?! Then this party isn’t for you (lol). Luckily I am not scared of clowns. But we did have a nice dinner (shrimp broil) and then the best part… the yummiest of cakes!

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