July Roundup

August is here and summer fun is coming to an end. We sure did have an eventful July though!

We started off the month with going on our annual San Diego, CA vacation for the 4th of July week. Lots of food, alcohol, swimming, tanning, laughing, and this year even a special proposal by my cousin happened, and it was the sweetest thing ever!! Read more on our vacation and the most romantic proposal here.

As crazy as we are, the day we came back from our beach house vacation, we went straight to the Pentatonix World Tour concert! My husband and I went to one of their concerts last year in California, and it was amazing! We knew we had to take the girls to their concert this year! Which we did and they loved it!! To be honest, they loved Rachel Patten (one of the opening acts) more!! Lol!

And the events continued the following day, with Avery’s VERY FIRST ice skating competition!! Boy were we all nervous!

Avery has been practicing her routine for 2 months now, and didn’t know what to expect on her first competition! I honestly though she was going to fall and skate off the ice crying! But little did we know she pulled through and got 1st PLACE!!!!! So incredibly happy and proud of her! All that hard work paid off! Now working towards her next competition in October!

After being able to rest a few days after a week and weekend filled with a crazy busy schedule, we then celebrated my cousins (Jason) birthday! Shrimp boil… GIVE IT TO ME!

The rest of our time was really spent on looking at home hardware, back splashes for the kitchen, fans, etc. So many things to buy for the house and so many stores we had to visit! lol

Still so much to decide on…..

We ended the month with celebrating my moms 63rd birthday with all the family at the Aria buffet! DELICIOUS!

FYI FOR LOCALS: If you bring your LOCAL ID, the cost for the dinner buffet is $30pp… opposed to $45pp


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