March Roundup

It’s true when they say, as you get older the years fly by. We are already going to be in April, and before we know it, we’ll be shopping for the holidays already.

So, I want to start something a little different. I want to do monthly updates of little things that have happened throughout the month, that I’ve shared pictures on social media, and things that I haven’t shared yet. So, I welcome you to monthly roundups!

March, is always a busy month for me. This is the month of my oldest daughters’ birthday, which means I’m super busy. Normally, the girls birthdays’ consist of a lot of planning, headaches, and prepping. Luckily, this year she wanted a simple birthday and wanted to have it at place that did not consist of me having to do much other than bringing cake and goodie bags. Which means this mama SCORED! She choose to have her party at Crystal Palace Skating Center, since she’s been into roller skating lately. . Less for me to do!! No setting up, no cleaning, and no cooking. I’M ALL IN!

Since I had a lot more free time this month, that gave my husband and I time to look at homes! My husband and I currently rent a townhouse, and have been looking to buy a home for the last couple of months. We are in no rush to buy, but have been looking with my family and have been enjoying it. We love looking at the model homes and getting inspiration. We haven’t found the perfect home yet for us, and it may not be until next year, but that’s ok. I sure am enjoying getting some decorating ideas, that’s for sure!


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One of my favorite things to do now, is have breakfast with my family. We’ve tried several new breakfast spots lately. This month’s breakfast spot that I would recommend would be, Cinnamon’s. Their guava pancakes and their kalbi boneless bowl is a must.





We attended Melia’s friends’ birthday party, who turned 7. Apparently it’s part of the Filipino tradition in certain parts of Philippines, that when you turn 7, it’s a stepping stone for responsibilities. A big party is thrown for the birthday girl/boy and part of the party includes a “7 roses dance”. 7 girls were asked to dance with the birthday boy, and both my girls were asked if they could be apart of the dance. Melia, was very nervous and actually didn’t want to do it and of course Avery, was all about it and couldn’t wait (primarily for being on camera and the photographer).



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Within the last couple of weeks, I’ve been starting to slowly work out, and walk the park every morning (or at least try too). There is this beautiful park near me, called The Gardens Park, and during Spring it’s absolutely beautiful! They have an area there, that I love to take a couple of minutes every morning to relax… I call this my zen.



Melia’s 7th birthday party: Crystal Palace Skating Center– The party was stress free, fun, and the best part.. I wasn’t exhausted from setting up, hosting, doing the games, and cleaning!!


Spring Break officially started the day after Melia’s birthday party: 1 week off = STAYCATION!!! We took the kids to a couple of places around town, to the movies and watched A Wrinkle In Time (such a cute movie), and spent a lot of time at the park.

Glow Zone Fun


Melia’s actual birthday (March 28th) normally falls during Spring Break week, so we celebrated her birthday (round 2) and took the kids to…

Flip N Out Xtreme


To end her birthday celebration, we took her to her favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory


We discovered a new area near Red Rock Canyon- Calico Basin. It is actually located right behind Red Rock Canyon. The girls loved hiking and rock climbing, but my husband gets major anxiety with them falling! Who wouldn’t right!?!



To end our month, we spent the whole day at the park with the family, ate lunch and dinner, and had the kids color eggs for Easter.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup. I have some exciting places that I will be visiting in April, and I’m excited to share where soon!

All with love,


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