March Round Up

Well April quickly arrived didn’t it? I swear it seems like we just celebrated New Years last month?!

Well as eventful as March was, April doesn’t get any slower… in fact, ever month up until August is quite crazy!

So we started off March with lots of Spring Cleaning and organizing! Actually, I only worked on the kitchen and haven’t completed the rest of the house because it’s just been nuts! But, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with cooking, so seeing my cabinets organized liked this daily, really makes me happy!

What really kept me busy this week was planning and shopping for my oldest daughter’s (Melia) 8th birthday! This year we decided not to do a big birthday (just family), but still make it nice for her. Here is a glimpse of how I planned to set it up. I actually vlogged how I prep for the birthday and the actually set up + party. So stay tuned for the vlog and blog post on her actual birthday.

Another thing that has been keeping me really busy is planning our vacation next year. So, if you haven’t watched my stories I announced that my parent’s are re-newing their vows next year in April on a cruise ship. Somehow I became in charge of everything and was busy all month planning everything and booking rooms for the cruise. We are really excited and can’t wait to go on the cruise to celebrate my parent’s next year! But man is it exhausting planning everything.

Cafe 86


I’ve been dying to try this place out + finally got a chance too! Cafe 86 is a Filipino cafe that serves many things with Ube. If you haven’t tried Ube… omg it’s sooo good! I love it! It’s in the same family as a sweet potato, but primarily used in filipino desserts.

Melia’s School Field Trip

I was so happy to be able to chaperone Melia’s field trip this year at Lied Discovery Museum. I seriously LOVE being involved in my kids school. I’m that type of mom that loves drop offs + pickups, loved volunteering to help at their school lunches, always at their class holiday parties, and whenever there is a field trip and I have the oppurtunity to join along… i’m there!

I was in charge of 6 kiddos, and as much as I was nervous… it actually went really smooth! All the kiddos including my daughter has such a great time at the museum!

Avery’s Field Trip

Literally the day after Melia’s field trip, came Avery’s field trip to the Shark Reef. This was Avery’s first school field trip, so it was very special to the both of us. We had such a good time learning about different animals that live there and especially sharks. After their field trip, they had a pizza party at school and literally had the luxury to play outside on the playground the rest of the day…. LUCKY!


Brace Update

Alright y’all…. I want to cry! So, my overbite isn’t being corrected, so this time I had to have the 2 front bottom teeth filed (see the gap) to create spacing so my teeth can shift back a little bit. Although, it will be corrected and my teeth will look normal after all this, it’s still something I’m getting use to! Hopefully, this will be a faster way of correcting my overbite, so these braces can get off! So other than that everything else is good. I just have been experiencing a lot of soreness.. especially in the front due to the filing that was done. 

After our dentist appointment, we were starving and my aunt really wanted to go to a seafood buffet… well surprise surprise we found a seafood buffet and of course it was a VEGAS buffet! HAHAHA… It honestly DID NOT taste like any seafood buffet. We went… we ate… we will not come again. LOL


Melia’s 8th Birthday!!

Oh gosh guys, I seriously CANNOT believe that I have an 8 year old!!! Don’t mind me, I’m just going to be here crying all day!

We started off her birthday by taking donuts to her class to celebrate her birthday. Of course the class was ecstatic. Afterwards we surprised Avery in class and helped with lunch.

Later on that night, Melia choose to go to one of her favorite restaurants… Olive Garden. She seriously loves that place, well I should say she really loves pasta! Hahaha!

Melia’s 8th Birthday Party

Although, we weren’t doing anything big for her, we still had a small little party with family. This year she’s really into Pandas and wanted a Panda themed birthday. Of course knowing me, I had to go a little all out because her theme was too cute not too!

For those that know me, know I have a passion for decorating when it comes to birthday. Well, not just I but my sister and I.

We decorated the table where all the kids were sitting and also the dessert table too. It came out sooo cute. I’M OBSESSED with the outcome!


Special visitor… Angel Bear!

To top off the end of the month, we got a surprise visitor from school… Angel Bear! Every student in Avery’s kindergarten class gets a chance to hang out with Angel Bear when it’s near their birthday. They get to take the bear to do awesome things or just to hang out with them… all while documenting everything. Luckily she came just in time for Melia’s birthday and got to spend time celebrating with Avery and the family!


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