How To Keep Kids Busy During Summer Break

Kids are on Summer break, so what are ways to keep them busy?

Today, I’m sharing with you all some ideas of what I have planned for the girls this summer are with some other fun ideas to keep them entertained.

When school is out, all kids want to do is sleep in, watch tv (specifically YouTube), eat, play video games…. and yeah that’s about it! But, for me that’s NOT going to happen.

Even though school is out, I think it is REALLY IMPORTANT to still have the kids do school work! I’ve made the mistake before and let the kids take the summer break off of school work, and when Melia returned to school, she forgot a lot of what she learned and would struggle the first month or two.

So, immediately I have been having the girls do between 40 minutes to 1 hour of school work daily. On the weekends, I plan on just having them read for about 30 minutes.

Another thing that I’m doing this Summer, is waking up really early about 4xs a week and walking the park for about an hour and having the kids walk with me. This is great for not only the kids to get some exercise but for me too!

Another activity that we do every summer and I’m sure many of you already seen us going there, but it’s Wet ‘N’ Wild. Every summer we purchase season pass tickets and it’s honestly the best purchase! They have story time, movie nights, DJ nights, foam parties, mermaid swims… it’s amazing and sooo worth the money!

Besides the top 3 main things that are on our Summer TO-DO list, here are some other things of what I have planned for the summer

  • San Diego Vacation
  • Day at the lake
  • Go bowling
  • Visit a trampoline park
  • Camping
  • Playdate with friends
  • Visit a splash pad
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to the beach
  • Go Ice-Skating


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