June Roundup

Guys, we are officially half way through the year!! Can you believe that?!? Before we know it, we’ll be seeing holiday decor in the aisles (if we haven’t yet already).

Well, this month didn’t seem as busy as far as plotting what I’m putting in this months roundup, but it sure was! I think we were mostly busy with just doing school work with the girls, taking them to their sports, getting things ready for our California vacation, etc.

We started off the month right and actually doing a childhood memory of mine… taking the kids bowling late at night, and then having steak & eggs early in the morning (around 1am). By the time the food arrived the kids barely could stay up to eat! Doing things like this with my kids, sure do bring back so many memories when I was a child.

Since my mom worked from 3pm-1130pm, she always missed having dinner. So she would make it up to me from time to time and take me out to eat steak & eggs as soon as she got home. At times, she would even take me bowling either before or after we ate.

Wet N Wild

This is where we always live our summers! For the past 5 or so years, we always get season passes here. The kids absolutely love it and it keeps them busy/entertained during the summer. Plus we only live 10 minutes away from it, which makes it that much better.

32nd Birthday

My husband, Robert, turned 32!! We started off his birthday by taking him to a new but delicious place to eat, Big B’s Texas BBQ. Robert is a very big fan of anything and everything BBQ. After we had lunch, we went to Bass Pro Shop to look around, and took the girls to see the mermaid right outside of the store (in the Silverton Casino).

The girls loved seeing the mermaid swim in the large aquarium filled with all kinds of different fishes and sting rays. They sure did get shy went the mermaid blew them a kiss!!




Then came dinner time. I had planned a surprise birthday dinner for Robert weeks ago at Bahama Breeze, and everything went smooth UNTIL…. we pulled up to the restaurant. My husband ended up spotting 3 of my families cars, and then said “so the family is eating here too huh”. I mean c’mon! Although, I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get the full surprise, it was at least a surprise until we pulled up.. so he says!




The dinner though was amazing! The atmosphere, music, and food made us feel like we were in the Caribbean.

Ice Skating (update)

This is Avery’s 5th week now of doing Ice Skating, and man is she really getting good at it (not to brag).  We’ve noticed that some of the coaches were watching her and working with her a lot, and then came the moment where one of the coach (who competes competitively in Figure Skating for over 8 years and who won gold medals) talked to Robert and I saying that she is really impressed with how good Avery is doing, and how quickly she picks up. She then offered to be her private coach and do private lessons!

We are super excited for Avery and for what Figure Skating has in store for her!

SoCal Vacation


A vacation that we all needed. Robert and I decided to spend a couple of days in Southern Califnornia for Father’s Day and to also celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary.


Our vacation was pure relaxing on the beach/hotel and eating some good ass food (sorry not sorry)!


I can’t remember the last time I was on vacation and came back so relaxed and refreshed. Normally when we go on vacation it’s very hectic, planned out, always doing something, lots of walking, waking up early, etc. This time it was sleeping in (everyday), hanging out at the beach all day, and then eating some really good food!

It was also a must that we went to new beaches and restaurants that we never ate at before.


To read more on the new beaches we checked out and the amazing food places we ate at check out Californiacation!!!

Willow Beach

I completely forgot how much memories this beach brings me, and how much I missed it. As a child my mom, dad, and I (sometimes my sisters/brother) would always come here and go shore fishing, either late at night and stay until the next morning or go really early in the morning and stay until about noon. It’s been about 11 years since I’ve been back!

We decided to go here last-minute with all the family to BBQ and swim in the river (Colorado River). The only downfall here is that the water is extremely cold, but when it’s 115 degrees out you will hop right in… I promise!

Dirty 30!!


Can you believe I am now 30! I am actually excited for my thirties. I hear that your 30s are some of the best years you’ll live. Although, I have already lived some of my best years yet in my twenties, I do foresee a lot of good in the future. So, I’m excited for what my 30s are going to bring.


To start off my birthday, my best friend and I had lunch at Gen Korean BBQ. Ugh, I love Korean BBQ and this place!

Afterwards, we decided to go to the mall just to look around.. well that turned into a little shopping spree! Luckily, I didn’t buy or spend too much money.


For dinner, Robert took the girls and I to eat at Hokkaido Teppanyaki Hibachi Steakhouse and I was very fortunate to have my whole family join us for dinner. It was so nice spending my birthday dinner with the ones I truly love!

Willow Beach (take 2)

Since we all had so much fun at the river the other day, we decided to also celebrate my birthday at the place that brings me a lot of joy.. the water!

We went back to Willow Beach with all the family and did another BBQ and swam in the cold water all day long! It was exactly how I wanted to bring in my thirties!

Now that we are moments away from being July 1st, I have so much to do. We are leaving for vacation on Monday for 4th of July week, and we cannot wait to celebrate!

I hope you all have enjoyed your summer so far and for those who will be celebrating 4th of July, please be safe! Have fun!

All with love,


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