DIY Coconut Hair + Facial Mask

I wanted to share with you all something that has been life changing, not only for myself but for my daughters too and it’s this amazing DIY coconut facial + hair mask!

Did you know that coconut oil does amazing things for your skin? There are so many amazing health benefits in coconut oil, and one of those amazing benefits is providing nutrients and moisture into our skin.

So most of my life I’ve dealt with dry flaky skin, especially on my head.. which caused dandruff! It was awful! My mom would try different shampoo (mostly Head and Shoulders or Selsun Blue), but they would only work temporarily. So for myself I found that I CANNOT use any shampoos with parabeens/sulfates/ETC. However, I even after switching ALL my shampoos to those without sulfates and everything else, i’ve noticed that my head is STILL DRY!

Finally, I figured out that it’s our hard water that’s drying out our scalp. And, without a water softener, there really isn’t much that we can do. However, one day I decided to take the organic virgin coconut oil that I purchased from Costco (but you can purchase anywhere) and add a little bit of sugar and make a coconut oil exfoliator sugar scrub.

After applying the exfoliator onto my scalp + letting it sit for about 40 minutes, I rinsed it out in the shower with warm to hot water. I did not apply any other hair products into my hair. I also applied any other leftover coconut scrub onto my face + the rest of my body, and let me just tell you it makes your body FEEL AMAZING! SUPER SOFT! Like baby butt soft.

How was it days after your shower?

So the day after, my hair was obviously greasy because I didn’t put any other hair product in my hair after rinsing out the coconut oil. But, I did take another shower that night to remove all the oil using my regular shampoo (with no harsh chemicals). The days after, my scalp was NOT dry at all, in fact VERY MOISTURIZED! I washed my hair a couple days later again, and still no dryness even after washing my hair. It wasn’t until about 2 weeks, where my scalp started becoming dry again. 

I also, did the exfoliating scrub on both of my daughters hair. Unfortunately my oldest daughter, Melia, has the same type of dry scalp like me, and is ALREADY experiencing flaky dry scalp. So, to keep her from being embarassed, I needed this to work. And, guys it does!!! The same exact outcome that I experienced, she did as well. YAY!

This has also been an amazing face product! I use the same coconut oil sugar scrub not only on my scalp, but on my face and body as well! I use it 2-3 times a week, especially when I wear makeup. I cannot tell you how this has helped my skin! The texture is gone, my skin is baby soft, and it also has such a healthy looking glow! I LOVE IT!

I’ve also been using the coconut oil (without sugar) on my face at night as a moisturizer and on my lips!

So, there is no measurements on how to make it. It’s that simple. Take however much you’ll need for your scalp/face/body and if you’re going to make it into a sugar scrub, add some sugar. If you need an exact measurement of how much I added, I would say about 1-2 teaspoons. You can also add greek yogurt into the mix, lemon, cinnamon, etc… they all have great benefits!!!!!

I hope you all give it a try! I swear by this. I raved about it to my mom and she tried it out and absolutely LOVES IT! She does the exfoliating scrub on her body 3 times a week, and now even uses the coconut oil on her face now.

IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING + doesn’t cost you an arm + a leg!

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