April Roundup

Well, this month sure did leave us in a jiffy, didn’t it!?! It was definitely a busy month for me; starting off with Easter, birthday parties, quick Cali trip, visitors in town, exploring outside of Vegas with my husband, to signing my kids up in gymnastics and ice skating!

Easter- Day at the park


The day was beautiful and the park was filled with families enjoying the beautiful holiday. My whole family joined us at the park, as this is what we always do every year. We have a big lunch, grandma comes with Easter baskets for all the kids, and then the kids do egg hunting. It always a day full of laughter, good talks, food, and fun!


Birthday Fun at Gravady


One of my daughter’s closest friend, had her 8th birthday at Gravady (a trampoline park). My kids could honestly stay here for hours and hours. I look at the kids for 30 mins (without jumping) and i’m tired just from watching them!


Monthly Trip to California

It was that time again to head to Carson, California to see my dentist (my Aunt) at Carson Dental Care.


Okay, so when the bands are being taken off of your brace, hang on tight…. it gets a little uncomfortable. At least for me. Since me teeth are still very sore, especially since they are now moving and loose, it was a bit uncomfortable. But, when the bands and wire are off, man does it feel amazing! Don’t get too comfortable though… new bands and wire will be placed right back on after cleaning is done. 

Once the new wires/bands were placed in and tightening was done, I was surprisingly ok! TIP: take ibuprofen 30 minutes to 1 hour before your appointment (you’ll thank me later). Later that night, it was starting to become sore, but honestly, it was not as bad as the first time around, and maybe that’s because i’m starting to get use to them already… who knows.



After our dentist appointment, my Aunt took us out to dinner at Din Tai Fung, inside the Del Amo Fashion Center. OHHH MYYY GOSHHH, was this place unbelievably good! They are known for their dumplings, and let me just say it was so delicious! You can even watch the cooks make the dumplings from scratch, which was kind of cool!


My aunt (who also had her teeth worked on and got bottom braces placed on too) and I ended up staying in a hotel for the night at Crystal Hotel & Casino. Ok, so I’m going to make this a very short review. I paid $67 for the hotel. The hotel room was actually nice, however, it had a weird smell that I couldn’t get over (even with spraying perfume). I’m not sure if it was the linens or the carpet, but it bothered me the whole night. The hotel/casino itself… ehhh! Will I stay there again.. probably not!



The next day, my aunt and I had lunch at San Pedro Fish Market. We normally always go to Redondo Beach to eat seafood there, however, I’m always hearing about San Pedro. So, we gave it a shot. Is it good, yes! Is it more expensive than Redondo, heck yes! Does it taste better than Redondo, I would say it’s the same. Would I come back, ehhh.. not sure. I honestly like Redondo so much better. Not only is the seafood cheaper, but you have the pier right there to take a walk on, and the beach to go swimming. The fish market in San Pedro is located in a marina, I would say, so you don’t have much to do there other than eating.



Our last stop before heading back home was Porto’s Bakery. Everything in this bakery is beyond delicious! I absolutely love coming here and brining home pastries!

Hoover Dam


My husband, Robert, and I decided to explore Hoover Dam/Lake Mead (even though we’ve seen it a million times). It’s always nice to explore outside of Vegas, just to get away. It was extremely windy that day, but the weather was so nice and the views even nicer. We even checked out Lake Mead (which we are in a drought). This was the lake I grew up on. We would always come to this lake to go shore fishing, swimming, and eventually boating (until the water levels got too bad), so it definitely saddens seeing the water level decrease every time I visit here.

Movie night at school!



Jumanji! This was the first annual movie night at my kids school, and it was pretty cool. It was suppose to be held outdoors in the field, but due to the weather, it was moved indoors! The kids enjoyed the movie, along with eating popcorn, playing with their friends, and face painting.


Visitors in town…



My brother always comes back to Las Vegas at least once a year, in April. My niece comes along as well and we always celebrate her birthday, since it’s her birthday month. This time we not only did that, but my brother’s girlfriend and her daughter came as well (who is pregnant). Yes, becoming another auntie!! So, we also had a baby shower to through as well.

The whole time they were here, we just spent a lot of time hanging out with all of the family, eating, and watching all the kids play. Then came time for the parties. We first had my niece’s 3rd birthday party, which also happened to be my oldest’s sister’s 40th birthday, so we combined their birthdays together. How gorgeous did their modern cactus theme birthday turn out! LOVE IT!





Then came the baby shower… IT’S A GIRL!







Valley of Fire


After taking a couple days to recover/relax from family being in town and all the events, my husband and I decided to visit the Valley of Fire and go hiking. We came here about 3-4 years ago when our youngest daughter, Avery, was less than a year old. However, we weren’t able to hike at that time. So, this time we did.

TIP: If coming here in April, come right when the sun rises. It starts getting very hot by 930-10am and by 11am it’s too hot to do anymore hikes. Since we had to drop our kids off at school, we didn’t arrive here until about 9:30am. We decided to hike the white domes, and by the time we were finished (at 11am) we were dying of heat exhaustion. We decided not to do any more hikes because it was just way too hot, so we just drove around and viewed the other parts of the state park.





The day we enrolled our daughter’s into gymnastics. Melia and Avery were previously in ballet, but they wanted to venture off and try something new. We started them in a trial class, which they both fell in love. My oldest had no hesitation on this being what she wanted to pursue in sports, but Avery still wanted to try ice skating, since it’s been on her mind.






Multi-Cultural Night at School


A night we always look forward to at school. Each class is assigned a country, which the students have to learn about. They do projects, learn some words in the language, learn to sing songs, dance, try foods, etc. It then leads to the school event, where parents/family can attend and visit all the classrooms and different cultures. Melia’s class did Mexico, and her other class did Africa. Avery’s class did France.

Las Vegas Ice Center



So, since Avery has been very confused lately on which sport she wants to do, it was time for ice skating.

Surprisingly she loved it (even though she HATES the cold)! She will be joining the “learn to skate” program, and once she graduates from the program then moving onto figure skating.

We are excited for this journey of hers and for Melia’s as well.



I hope you enjoyed this months’ roundup. It definitely was a busy month. May is here now, and what do you know… another busy month for me! Until next time…

All with love,



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