7 Month Keto Update

Unfortunately, this month as like the other has been another month that I have not succeeded!

I spoke about it on my stories the other day, but these past couple of months have been a real struggle! With all these events, gatherings, holidays, birthday so far + that have been coming up, it’s just been so hard and the hardest struggle!

I know I’m letting this be my excuse, but guys whoever is saying it’s easy or should be… is wrong! It’s a struggle that I’ve been dealing with for years now… and it all comes down to my mental state of mind.

So with that said, I’ve decided to TRY something new! I’m taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME… LITERALLY! So instead of thinking.. “oh we have Spring break coming up + a short vacation + Avery’s birthday… etc. I’ve decided that when those days come I will decided right then + there if I want to have a carb up day or cheat. Until then.. if it’s not spring break or Avery’s birthday, etc. then what is it that I’m waiting for.. I’m going to eat healthy until those days come. Instead of saying and already deciding that I’m going to make those events a cheat or high carb day.. I’m just going to wait until that day comes and see how I feel. That’s lifestyle right? I think so.

I’m changing my mental thinking by doing this because at the end of the day… thinking my old ways was NOT WORKING! I kept thinking what’s the difference if I eat healthy now.. because in a week i’m eating bad. See… what me saying that to myself, I’ve already made up my mind that I was eating bad on those days.. and the days before that didn’t matter. BUT, IT DOES MATTER! Those days leading up to it, I could be a few pounds less. I could be less bloated. I could have more energy. I could feel good.

So,  as month 7 ended i’m taking a stand to correct my mental health to not think my old ways, but instead to think more of a positive + healthy way. Because at the end of the day it really is about a lifestyle not just a diet……


and with that said, the damage is done and I’m up 8.6 pounds. I’m making it my goal to try this new way of lifestyle and see the results after month 8. Stay tuned….



  • You’ve got this!! I am right there with you! Thank you for posting the reality of the struggle! Cheering for you!

    • Thank you so much! It’s seriously been a struggle, especially with the summer and kids being out of school, but definitely taking it day by day and reaching that goal! Cheering for you too!! We both got this! And, thank you for the motivation!

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