6 Month KETO Update

My 6 month update is here, and although it’s been a struggle these past few months, I can finally say I’m back on board + feeling strong. I think knowing that I have a beach vacation this July and a cruise vacation next April coming up, my mind and mental health is fully back on board!

However, I was hoping that I can say that I weighed less than last month, but that’s not the case…

So, I finally jumped back on board on March 3rd. I’m not going to lie, there have been times (especially recently because mother nature has arrived), where I wanted to give in to my sweet temptations, but I pulled through and didn’t. I’m trying to really focus on my goals and take it one day at a time.

By now, I’m sure you are wondering when I’m going to have my next cheat meal, right? Well, my daughter’s birthday is actually coming up this month (3/28) and her party will be on 3/30, so I will be having a cheat on those days and then going back on, on 4/1 until my youngest daughter’s birthday, which is May 5th. I’m promising myself this time, that I WILL get back on track on the 31st…. I PROMISE! I have too!


Alright guys, you will not believe this, but I weigh EXACTLY what I weighed last month, haha! What an odd coincidence! And, I swear I’m not sure the same photo (put it on everything).

But let me explain a little further… When I re-started on March 3rd, I actually weighed myself and I weighed 268.6 (so I gained), and in less than 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds! So my weightloss for this month is 0, but technically 6 (if that makes sense).

Well, I have goals to loss another 5-10 pounds for this month. I really hoped that I would hit my 50 pound weight-loss this month, but since that’s not the case… I will strive to achieve those goals this month!


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