4 Month Keto Update

Alright y’all, so I made it to my 4 month keto update. This month has been the BIGGEST challenge, that’s for sure.

Days after my 3 month update, I decided to have my “cheat” early. It was originally planned for December 23rd, so that way I wasn’t sick during Christmas time and then hoping to be back on board the day after Christmas (12/26). But, NOPE that didn’t happen too. January was approaching and I said that I was to start on 1/1. Then a week later I was still not mentally there and still found myself eating carbs/sugar. I would start off my day by intermittent fasting and having keto friendly foods for my first meal of the day (which was lunch), but then came dinner, and I would fall off plan.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be easy getting back into it because it was a new year and I had goals, but that just wasn’t the case. I’ve done cheats before in October and November, and had no problem getting back into the grove of things, but for some reason it was different this time around…

So, why the struggle?

I don’t think I was mentally prepared this time around. In fact, I know I wasn’t. I knew that within weeks I was going to be going on vacation, and knew I wasn’t going to be eating keto friendly foods (that was my scheduled cheat) during that time. So, mentally, I knew that when I jump back on board to eating keto foods I was only going to “stay” in ketosis for about 2 weeks and then vacation I go. I was letting this “pre scheduled” cheat stop me! So right now, I’m dealing with clearing my mind, and trying to tell myself that I need to stop thinking this way. Regardless if I’m going on vacation, I need to get back to eating a healthy lifestyle.

So, here I am, starting over again.

What’s the verdict?


Dun dun dun…….. this month I have lost nothing, but gained 1.6 pounds!!! So let’s go into a little more details. At my 3 months weigh in I weighed in at 260.8 pounds. During the holidays I ended up gaining 4.6 pounds. Then came January 2nd, and I “started” back and ended up losing all the weight I gained within the week, but was not faithful to eating keto foods the whole week. I was still really happy with me losing the 4.6 pounds that was gained and even lost another pound. So, my last weigh in which was 1/7 was 259.8 pounds. Then came this last week, where I consumed nothing but carbs/sugar which led to the 1.6 gain. I’m not happy about it, and definitely disappointed in myself, but it’s a learning experience.

In a way I’m actually glad it happened so that way I can wake the hell up and get back on track! I didn’t lose all this weight for nothing now!!!

Why do I have cheat days?

So, when I was discussing my struggles through IG stories, I had a few people ask me why do I have cheat days when I’m struggling this hard. Or they would suggest for me to do strict keto, so I wouldn’t have these issues. I want to explain on here why my husband and I choose to have a cheat day 1x a month.

The reason being, is because I have a very big + close family, and I mean close. First off, we always take 3 annual family vacations, one being January 20th. And, since we have a large family that means lots of celebration. My husband and I actually talked about it a couple weeks ago, trying to figure out if there is 1 month that we don’t celebrate something, and truth be told, there is not! EVERY single month there is either a birthday, holiday, or event that is always going on. So, with all that said we always have a lot going on in the month. When we choose our cheat, we look at what’s going on; who’s birthday, what event, what vacation, etc., and we choose VERY CAREFULLY what day we want to have our cheat.

Since this is now our lifestyle, we have to figure it out for ourselves how to have a cheat once in a while and then getting back to eating healthy again. We are still learning and I’m sure this will NOT be our only struggle month, but it’s a learning experience.


I do want to say a quick thank you to all of those who have supported me so far! I swear I have the BEST support system!

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