3 Month Keto Update + Short Q&A

You guys, today I hit 3 months being on Keto!!! I cannot believe it! Let me just say, I finally feel like I have my health back!

So, if you’re asking how I feel, well I feel AMAZING! Seriously amazing! My back + feet don’t hurt anymore, and I can just tell that my overall health has improved so much! Also, I know this might be TMI, but I use to deal with serious menstrual problems, and for the last month, I am back on a NORMAL cycle! Now, I know I might be speaking too soon, but you don’t understand, I would have my cycle ever 2 weeks! So HEALTH FOR THE WIN!!!!

I did ask on my Instagram stories if any of you all had questions regarding keto, so I’m answering those questions below. If I missed something or if you have any other questions, let me know down in the comments below. I also have my 1 Month Keto Update which also answered a lot of other questions I got when I first started keto!

1. What change do you see the most?

The change I see the most in my body, would definitely be my stomach! I will say though, I did first lose weight in my fingers, as odd as that seems. Oh and my breast! I definitely need a smaller size bra, but i’m trying to last in them as long as I can without having to keep re-buying new ones.

2. What’s been the hardest part of start and sticking with keto?

The hardest part about starting the keto diet was the keto flu for sure!!! I started getting symptoms of the keto flu on day 2. It lasted the remaining of day 2 and then into day 3. However, around 11am on day 3, I all of a sudden got a serious boost of energy and  started cleaning and organizing every cabinet in my kitchen! Ever since then I’ve had more energy than ever before. Until I have my cheat, then you start the whole process over again…

Part 2 to the question. The hardest part sticking with the keto diet or lifestyle as I like to call it, is going out to eat. There are times (like today) where we just don’t feel like cooking dinner, but I’m going to be honest; I feel like your options definitely are minimized, which I guess it’s like that with any diet you’re on.

When my husband and I want to eat at a restaurant, we always pretty much get steak and veggies because we are safe with that. At first I would look at each restaurant’s nutrition menu, but man oh man was that a lot of work! Do you know how long those nutrition guides can get!? And honestly when eating out, we don’t want to pay $11+ for a burger at a restaurant and can pretty much only eat the patty/cheese/lettuce. I rather go to In N Out and get their 3×3 protein style/animal style burger and it’s half that price and soooooo much better in taste!! Don’t get me wrong, at every restaurant or fast food chain there are always options for keto. It might not be what you exactly want, but just keep telling yourself that it will all be worth it in the end. You’ll actually be surprised when your into ketosis how much you won’t miss the bread/carbs/sugar.

3. How long do you intermittent fast for?

I’m not a strict intermittent faster. I do try to push out my first meal until 11am or longer (that also includes coffee) BUT, if I need food or coffee before 11am, I will have food/coffee! I listen to my body. If I can push for another 30 min-1 hour I will try too, but again I don’t starve myself by doing it. Remember, intermittent fasting does not effect your ketosis at all!!! All intermittent fasting does is burn fat in a more rapid manor while you are not eating. So for example this is most of my days when I intermittent fast;

11am-1pm: Have my coffee + first meal of the day

1pm-5pm: Is when I will have any snacks if I start to get hungry

5pm-7pm: Have dinner/dessert (if craving dessert)

7pm: Stop eating + drink lots of water. This is when my fasting starts until the following day when I eat or drink coffee again (11am-1pm). PS. You can still have coffee in the morning while you are fasting that will not affect your fast as long as it doesn’t have any cream in it. If you do need cream, try ONLY adding 1tsp of cream so it doesn’t affect your fast. 

Some people only eat 2 meals a day and no snacks, some only eat 1 large meal a day, and others do 24-48 to 10 day intermittent fast. It’s totally up to you. Don’t think that you have to fast in order to lose weight on the keto lifestyle. You don’t! My husband does not intermittent fast, and he’s already lost so much weight! He eats roughly 3 meals a day and snacks throughout the day too! So I can’t stress this enough.. listen to your body and all will fall into place!

4. What’s your favorite food to eat on the keto diet?

CHICKEN WINGS!!! Yes, I said that right! Guys, I can’t tell you how much chicken wings have saved me! If there is a family gathering or anything going on that I know there will NOT be keto food at, my husband and I will bring chicken wings (mostly Buffalo Wild Wings… yummm. Lemon pepper/mild or medium/garlic parmesan wings are our favorites flavors). Bringing wings helps in so many ways, I can’t begin to even tell you! First off, you’re eating wings! Second, you don’t feel deprived from what every one else is eating, and third is you are actually satisfied and didn’t even break your ketosis doing so!

5. Does your husband still do keto?

Yes!!! My husband pretty much eats everything I do. The only thing he does differently is intermittent fasting, which as mentioned above he does not do. He does love the keto lifestyle though, and has lost so much weight already. Unfortunately, he’s not into the whole weigh yourself thing, which I guess can be a good thing, so we are just sticking with progress pictures!

6. What exercises do you do?

I’m not going to sit here and lie to y’all! I’ve not exercised once while being on the keto diet! Not once. BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to start. I am a pretty active person, and do a lot of walking (definitely not 10,000 steps a day walking), but I am for sure going to start incorporating at home workouts at least 3-4x a week. My husband is also the same. He has not worked out since starting the keto, but does have a physical job, so that’s pretty much his workout! Hahaha

7. (Last question) What weight goal do you have?

None. Sounds silly right? My whole life when starting a diet I’ve always created a weight goal and would write down monthly and yearly goals for myself. I obviously never accomplished any of those goals, and when I would see all that I wrote down I just felt so disappointed in myself. Which I had the right too! I fell off plan, what’s more to say. When I started keto, I decided to not do that this time. I just told myself to give it 30 days. 30 FULL DAYS, NO CHEATING! So, I did. I lost 16+ pounds my first month, felt great, and motivated more than ever to keep going. 3 months later I’m down 40 pounds! Who would of ever thought!

My suggestion to you is to take it day by day and 1 pound at a time. Give it your all for 30 days, see how you feel and then you decide. Was it worth cutting all those carbs/sugar? For me, ABSOLUTELY! PS. You can pretty much have everything you ate when you ate carbs/sugar you just have to substitute it with healthier options!!

Cheat Days

As you guys know my first cheat day was back in October, for my husband and I’s anniversary. Our cheat day for our second month actually turned into a 3 day cheat!

I for sure knew that come November I was doing a 2 day cheat instead of 1, and ONLY because when I had my first cheat on month 1 I got SUPER nauseous when I ate carbs/sugar again. I was miserable. For our 2nd month into keto, we choose to have our cheat day for Thanksgiving. So I decided to have a cheat day the day before Thanksgiving, and along with Thanksgiving itself so that way I can enjoy the day and foods with all of my family.

The first day, we ended up being with all of the family and had oxtail soup/rice at 2 in the morning. Later that day after we woke up, we had pizza for lunch. For some reason all of the second month while being on Keto, I’ve been craving real deep dish pizza, and that’s what I got. When I did eat the oxtail soup/rice, I did feel sick. When I ate the pizza, I was sick a little bit, but definitely not as much as earlier that morning.

For dinner that day, my husband and I had sushi burritos (which I did not get sick). So yes, I ate A LOT that day!!!

Next day… Thanksgiving! Do I even need to tell you how much I ate….

My PLAN was to be back on keto the very next day (Black Friday). The whole day I was good UNTIL…. I went out with all my family at a Karaoke Bar. I had a few shots of liquor which had a sweetener in it and I let my mind say, well since I already messed up I’m going to dig into these fries… and so I did! So my mind/wants got the best of me.

The very next day, I went full blown back into keto mood and haven’t had a cheat since then! My next cheat will be right before Christmas Eve. I will be doing the same thing and start my cheat the day before Christmas Eve and I will be back into keto the day after Christmas.

3 Month Weigh-In

Alright ya’ll… I am OFFICIALLY down 40 pounds!!!!! OMG I can’t tell you how happy I am! I honestly did not ever think that I would be 40 pounds down in 3 months just by eating food that I freaking love!!!! 40 POUNDS GUYS!!! I am jumping for joy!

Keto Goal for 2019

My biggest goal for 2019 is working out! There is no doubt about it that I will have loose skin. I already know and am mentally preparing myself for when that time comes. But, I feel like if I starting working out, I will build some muscle and hopefully it won’t be as bad as I imagine.

I also want to experiment more with recipes/baking! I love re-creating other keto doers recipes, but definitely want to experiment more keto friendly recipes with Filipino food, since i’m half Filipino!

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