Tested Out 6 Different Dry Shampoos, Which One WINS?

How often do you wash your hair? Are you one that washes every day or 1 to 2x a week? I know there is many women out there that can’t have dirty hair + wash everyday + then others that only wash a couple times a week. Well I fall in the category of 2-3x a week… and that’s when dry shampoo becomes my best friend!

There are so many brands now that are coming out with dry shampoo, but which dry shampoo is the best? Now, unfortunately, I couldn’t buy EVERY dry shampoo there was, but I did test out 6 of them, and I’m here to give you my reviews on them all!

If you’re anything like me, my hair gets EXTREMELY oily… and I mean extremely! To give you an idea of how oily my hair gets… I wash my hair at night (almost always) and by the next morning it’s already oily in my roots! Yup that’s how fast! So, as you can see I DEPEND on dry shampoo!!!!


Prior to testing out all of these new dry shampoos, I have been using Batiste dry shampoo. I’ve tried Dove dry shampoo and Not your mother’s dry shampoo in the past + none of those products ever worked for me, only Batiste.

So, today I’m sharing with you all (starting from my least favorite to my number one favorite) my reviews on each dry shampoo that I’ve been testing out for the past couple of weeks; including my review on Batiste + where it falls within all the others that I tested.


6.  Coming in last place, as my least favorite dry shampoo was the…. SGX NYC. I purchased this for $6.99, and as much as I wanted this to work because it has a brown tint to the dry shampoo (they also have other tint colors not just brown), it just didn’t work for me! However, if you do try this dry shampoo + get the one with tint color + you have gel polish one… make sure you wear gloves!!! After spraying this in my hair and running my hands into my roots, it completely ruined my white gel coat! As far as the product, unfortunately it didn’t take ANY of the oil out of my hair. In fact, I had to go in with my #1 choice dry shampoo to take out all the oil from my day 3 hair.

5. Nexus Volume Refreshing Dry Shampoo… I wish you worked because you smell AAAAHHMAZZING! My gosh am I in love with the smell that this dry shampoo has, BUT just like my number 6th product… it didn’t work! The reason why I placed this one at number 6, was because it smells so much better than SGX! Maybe this would work on day 2 hair, but day 3-4 NOPE! Such a bummer!

4. Alright we are getting down to the good ones! My 4th choice was TRESemme. So when spraying it, it does leave a white residue, but in my personal opinion, those that leave a white residue tend to work better! At least from my experience! But even with leaving a residue, there’s nothing like a good run to the roots that will make the residue disappear. And, after rubbing it into my roots, it immediately took all the oil look away, BUT the product itself did not last all day. Half of the day went + my hair already had an oily look to it! However, this baby only cost $5.99, so not too bad; but didn’t quite make it to #1!

3. I’ve been using Batiste for years now, and love it. But, I new there had to be something greater out there that worked better for my greasy mop! Batiste works for me, but does NOT last all day. I would say most of the day it works, but come night time, it’s back to square one. So I HAVE to use this product EVERYDAY! As far as price point for this product it’s $7.99.

2. TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. Ok guys, I’m going to be COMPLETELY honest… this stuff was amazing! HOWEVER, at $22 bucks a bottle, I’d be spending about $45 bucks a month JUST FOR DRY SHAMPOO! Now, for some reason online says this dry shampoo cost $14 bucks… but at the store I paid $22!!! So, now I’m concerned because I just got totally ripped off!!! Hahaha, but anyways since I don’t wash my hairy daily (2-3x a week) I really depend on dry shampoo + it doesn’t help that I produce oil fairly fast! Which means, I go throw bottles of dry shampoo a month… ok not bottleS but I would say about 2 bottles a month. As far as the dry shampoo itself, it definitely worked… and it also smells great, but I just can’t justify paying $22 dollars on dry shampoo every 2 weeks! My husband would kill me! Hahaha. Now I will say, if you DON’T produce oils fairly fast like me, then absolutely! This stuff will definitely last you & may even last 2-3 days without needing to spray dry shampoo again, but for me… it didn’t cut it.. ONLY BECAUSE OF THE PRICE! I did however placed it at number 2 because it is a GREAT product!

1. And coming in at number 1 at $6.49 a bottle…. Coconut Miracle Oil Dry Shampoo!!! GUYS, I would have NEVER thought I would find a dry shampoo that was cheaper than batiste (which I used for years) and loved it even more than batiste! Holly molly am I so happy! So, as many others, this does leave a white residue, but after rubbing it into your roots/scalp it immediately takes away all the oils that produced + not only that my hair doesn’t look oily ALL DAY LONG AND ALL NIGHT LONG! YESSSS!


If there is any other dry shampoos out there that you’ve tried + liked, let me know down in the comments below. I’m always open to trying new products out + of course finding the best one out there!


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