Super Affordable H&M Dress Haul!

Alright guys! I have found the most affordable summer dresses for girls at H&M, and do you want to know what’s the best part? They are all $4.99!!!!! Yes, $4.99! It can’t get any cheaper than that!


My daughters LOVE nothing more than to wear dresses. If they can get away with wearing a dress over shorts/pants, they sure would!

Surprisingly the fabric on the dresses are very soft. I can wash them over and over again and the material doesn’t fade. You would think because of the price on these suckers, they would at least shrink, well nope, they don’t! They also come in many sizes ranging from 1yr-10yr, which is great!

So, if you are looking for cute and affordable summer dresses definitely check out H&M! I’ve also posted some other cute dresses below, that I’m loving!!

All with love,


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