August Round Up

Hi August… oh wait… I meant BYE August! Sheesh, can time slow down for a bit!?! I mean I’m all for fall getting here and all, but man this year sure is flying by. Ok, now speaking of FALL… who else loves this time of the year?? I SURE DO!

Starting from September through December are my most favorite months! Fall decorations, Halloween decorations & festivities, Thanksgiving decorations, etc. Oh, and I’m all for pumpkin EVERYTHING!

But, to slow it down a bit and taking it back to this month (August), it sure has been a busy month especially with school starting.

We started the month off with celebrating my nephew’s 13th birthday at Gravady Trampoline Park. So, they have this awesome party package where you can actually do a sleep over at the park, and that’s exactly what my sister did for my nephew! The party actually started at 10:30pm (yes, crazy huh) and lasted until the next morning at 7am. WE ALL HAD A BLAST! Talk about jumping for hours upon hours! I think within the first 2 hours of jumping I was already done for the night.

The entire place is ours to ourselves, so you know all of the adults joined in all the fun too. Everyone tried to stay up until it was time for us to leave, but we all didn’t last (except the birthday boy), and yes that’s my husband passed out on the bean bag.


It was definitely a good time, especially for all the kids. Now, all the kids are asking to have their birthday there. 

Camping- Navajo Lake, Utah


After my nephew’s birthday party sleepover, we had to come home and pack up for camping. We all drove to Utah that same day and spent 3 nights camping there.

This year we got extremely lucky and got good weather the whole time there. We explored a little bit, ate, relaxed, told scary stories, and ate some more. It’s definitely a great way to end our summer right before school starts. For more on our camping trip read here.


Peter Pan The Musical- Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Ok, now I’ve lived in Las Vegas MY ENTIRE LIFE… and I’ve never heard about a play that is performed at our state park, until my niece went and I happened to see it on her SnapChat! SERIOUSLY… AND I LIVE HERE!

Of course when I heard about this I jumped on and purchased tickets immediately for our family.


Before the play we picked our spot, and brought our picnic basket and had a nice picnic before the play started. Pizza, wings, snacks, and wine… couldn’t go without the wine!

The play itself was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t realize that it was going to be a long play. It actually lasted 2 1/2 hours. Melia loved every bit of the play and also got excited when Peter Pan was hiding right next to her. After the play she kept talking about how much she liked it and can’t wait to do it again!


I think this will be our new summer tradition!


Summer sure went by fast… but the girls where ready to go back to school, especially Melia. She LOVES school (and no I’m not just saying that… she actually really does LOVE school). I wrote a whole blog post on their first day back to school, click here.

California- Brace Update

Since so many things were going on with school, my mother in law having a really bad stroke (was mentioned on IG stories), and having to go back and forth to the hospital to visit her, I had to cancel my original appointment to go to California for my braces. We’ll it just so happen that my sister was going to get her teeth done, and my nephew was getting braces put on too.. PERFECT! So, I joined them on a last minute trip!

Since we arrived to California earlier than planned, we of course stopped by Porto’s to have breakfast. Man do I wish they have one here in Vegas!


Really, not much has changed this month, other than my overbite. My aunt was very impressed with how fast the smile has changed from last month to this month. So she was very happy with that. One thing that I did invest on was a Water flosser. The brand I bought is called the Water Pik, and it is SERIOUSLY amazing! I don’t know why I have never invested in a water flosser years ago! Dentist recommend it, and I also recommend it. Goodbye floss, hello Water Pik. First off, the amount of time I save just from flossing, especially since having braces, blows my mind. Second of all, it really does take all the gunk out of your teeth, and lastly, it makes your breathe not smell as bad in the morning right when you wake up. 

All I can say is I LOVE MY WATER PIK!!!

After we all had our teeth done, my cousin took us to Huntington Beach, where we had dinner with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Fun in the desert

One of my husband’s favorite things to do is go shooting in the desert. We go to the shooting area heading towards California (obviously where it’s legal to shoot), and he brings his toys out there and has some fun.

We do own 3 guns, and primarily we have them for safety, because lord knows this world needs some serious help. I’m not a big fan of shooting. It’s actually scary if I’m being honest, but I go because he of course loves it, and I get some practice in.

Me time

You know it.. my monthly facial. I did a 60 minute facial this time. I can say that I love my 90 minute facials better, because who wouldn’t right? But, this month I decided to just do a 60 minute one instead.

After my facial, my best friend and I had our lunch date. We had lunch at Honey Salt.

I’ve heard many many good things about this place, but I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed. They only service brunch on the weekends, and their options for lunch was VERY limited.

I ended up getting what they are “famous” for, which was their chicken sandwich… now it was good, but was it the best chicken sandwich I’ve had… no. Was it good, where I would want to come back for it… no. HOWEVER, their customer serious was EXCEPTIONAL. Our buses NEVER… NOT ONCE let my glass of water go below half glass. For some (like my husband), they love that type of service. For me, not so much… but I will say they did have awesome service!

Ice Skating

Avery was tested in class to see if she will pass Advanced Beginner…. and SHE DID!! So proud of her and all her accomplishments that she has done within the past 3 months! Pre-Alpha here she comes!


When you are Filipino and a girl turns 18, they are suppose to celebrate their 18th birthday, which is called Debut. Just like Hispanics celebrate their quinceanera or Americans celebrate their Sweet 16.

My “niece” (she’s not really my niece, but I call her my niece), turned 18 and had a BEAUTIFUL celebration!

Her dress was so beautiful and the entire venue (which she planned everything herself), was just gorgeous and breathtaking.

I cried like a baby when it came to her walking out and dancing her her dad. It not only reminded me of when I danced with my dad on my wedding, but it also made me think that my girls will be one day dancing with their dad.. whether it be their birthday or their wedding.

Dad’s 56th Birthday Celebration

We ended this month with celebrating my dad’s 56th birthday dinner at their house. Even though my dad’s actual birthday was yesterday (30th), we celebrated his birthday a couple days early before my niece flew back to New York for college again.

Well, that’s it for this months round up. I hope you all enjoyed this month as much as I did, and hope you’re looking forward to September as I am. Pumpkin Spice Latte here I come! Until next time……

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