Summer Essential Must Haves

Even though it’s not “officially” summer yet, we sure have been experiencing 100+ degree weather in Las Vegas already. Hopefully, the weather where you are at is not as hot as it is here!

I thought this would be the perfect time since summer is right around the corner to show you some of my favorite summer essentials.

As you know, protecting yourself from the sun is a top priority (at least in my opinion), which makes suntan lotion my first must have. Last year, I discovered NO-AD Suncare Sunscreen and have been loving and using it ever since! It is my new favorite sunscreen and actually works wonders! Their products are also paraben free, which is a plus in my books!

The next item on my list is lip balm. Not only is it important to keep your lips moisturized during the summer, but it’s also important to keep them moisturized all year-long. Who likes having cracked and dry lips, right!? I have been using Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Lip Balm for the past 2 years now and love how it keeps my lips soft and moisturized! This is also a staple in my night-time face routine.

Always, finding the perfect pair of summer sandals is a must! I found these cute, comfortable, affordable slide sandals at Target. I love that they can be paired with just about anything. These slides go great with a cute tank and shorts!

Don’t you hate it when you wear sunglasses when lounging by the pool or at your kid(s) outdoor sport event, and you end up with a nice tan from your sunnies!?!? Yeah, works my nerve too! That is why I love hats! If I’m just running some errands or if my hair is a complete disaster and I don’t want to fix it, that’s when my baseball caps come in handy. They don’t keep my face out of the sun completely, but it does its job while I’m taking care of business. Now, if I’m lounging by the pool all day, that’s when the big boy comes out! I purchased this adorable floppy hat at Target last summer.

Speaking of sunglasses, I always bring a pair of sunnies with me! I have been loving all aviator sunnies from Quay Australia. One of my favorite beauty You Tubers Desi Perkins, collaborated with Quay, and released the cutest pairs of aviator glasses! I absolutely love the shade colors and how oversized the aviator glasses are. I’m obsessed! I currently have 2 colors (black fade and gold/gold) and planning on getting a couple more!



This is something that I don’t carry with me, but I do like to have a beach bag with towels inside, just in case we need to grab & go. My family loves being in the water, so this is something that I’ve learned to do, instead of searching for everything, and getting frustrated.

Lastly, I always carry a water bottle with me, especially with how hot it gets here. Staying hydrated is very important. So be sure to always stay hydrated no matter where you live.

If you have any essentials that you always carry around with you, especially for the summer, let me know!

All with love,


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