Does anyone else’s kids love challenge races? My oldest daughter loves it!! I’ve started my kids into these type of races since they were allowed too, which I believe is 3 years of age. Melia, has now completed 4 Spartan races and Avery has completed 2 Spartan Races. They both have also raced in the Terrain Race, which is very similar to the Spartan Race.

We of course made it to the race with minutes to spare. Whoever races in these type of events, know you need at least 30 minutes to be able to get the waiver(s) filled out, pick up your gear, and warm up… luckily we made it just on time.


I was that type of mom screaming and rooting Melia & Avery on!! GO MELIA! GO AVERY! AROOO!!!

Yup, still that annoying mom..


4th time FINISHER

2nd time FINISHER.. she wasn't sad because she finished she was sad because of the mud

The races at the Spartan Race are based on their age range. Right now both of the girls do the 1/2 mile course. Next year, Melia will endure her first mile long race, which she is excited.

As she finished, she was very proud of herself. She not only came in at 3rd place, but was the 1st girl who crossed the finish line.




As far as Avery, well she didn’t quite enjoy  this race as much (hence the picture), and that’s only becuase she went full throttal into the mud course.. and since it was extremely windy that day, that made her cold, which turned into a very cranky Avery!



Not only is the Spartan Race for kids, but it is definitely for adults, even some teenagers do it. I have not done it YET, but my husband has. I am not physically fit to do these type of challenges. I did however, do the Terrain Race (similar to Spartan Race) in 2016, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I crossed the finish line and got that medal!

The last climb before jumping over the fire to the finish line

There are different races you can do.. and all races range from 5+ miles


So, who’s down to take up the challenge and do the Spartan Race? My goal is to work off these pounds and try to do the Spartan Race or the Terrain Race again. Who’s with me!

All with love,


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