Growing Pains. What Is It & How Arnicare Helped!

My oldest, Melia, has been dealing with some growing pains lately, and you just feel so bad for them because they wake up in the middle of the night crying and complaining… and a good ol’ massage just doesn’t do it’s justice.

However, I have found something that works on any muscle and joint pain and that is completely natural and homeopathic.

Ever since my mom introduced me to this Arnicare Gel, it has seriously been a life saver in many instanced. When I fractured my ankle during our snowboarding trip in 2018, this was the ONLY thing that helped ease the pain. My husband uses it on his knees or back whenever he’s experiencing pain, and I use it on Melia whenever she has growing pains.

After doing some research on how this homeopathic medicine called Arnicare, I found that Arnica is a herb that grows mainly in Europe (which Arnicare is made in France) and the flowers are used a lot in medicine. A lot of people in Europe take the plant by mouth, which helps with mouth sores, pain, sore throat, etc. And Arinca is applied on the skin for bruises, sore muscles, pain, sprains, aches, etc. It’s also used to help with acne!

So how does it work?

Their are active ingredients in Arnica that help reduce swelling, pain and it acts as an antibiotic.

Is it safe to use?

Yes! Now Arnica is in fact a poisonious flower, and if you consume a lot of it, i’m sure you will experience many side effects. However, many people in Europe as I mentioned, consume it regularly as a limit and when needed. As far as the Arnicare gel, it is diluted, so you will not get poisoned just by applying it onto your body. Don’t be scared by what I just mentioned, remember, Arnica has many active ingredients that are good inside the flower itself.

How do I apply it?

Whenever Melia experiences any type of growing pains, I almost always try to massage it at first. Which 99% of the time it doesn’t work. When children experience growing pains, it’s their actual bones moving, growing, stretching, etc. So a massage usually doesn’t work. So, when I do give her a massage, I apply a thin layer of the Arnicare gel onto the ached areas of her body, which usually it’s just her knees, and let it absorb and dry. Almost right away, the pain is gone!

What is a growing pain and when will my child start experiencing them?

Growing pain is a throbbing sensation in the child’s legs. They can experience pain in their thighs, calves, or the knee area. And almost always, they’ll experience it in both legs, and at night.

There really isn’t a time or age of when your child will start experiencing growing pains, and some may never experience them. So far, Melia has dealt with growing pains for a few years now. I would say ever since she was 5. Avery, hasn’t dealt with any growing pains so far, and she’s 6. So every child is different. Typically research shows, that growing pains can start during preschool and school ages.

I am by no means a doctor, but if your child has ever experienced growing pains and you want something to sooth their pain, try Arnicare. It’s been a life saver in our household, not only for that but for other things as well!


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