Safe All Natural Kids Deodorant

Alright guys, I think I may be crying writing this post because that just means my daughter is getting older and now in a phase where she is entering early puberty *yup started crying now already*!

On a serious note, within the past few months, I’ve noticed an oder coming from Melia… then finally figured it out.. and it’s coming from the pits! NOOOO!

I didn’t want to face the fact that she needed deodorant right away, so I just either had her was her armpits, or just bypass the smell. But, I knew if I could smell her armpits then I’m sure others can too!

So, then came the part where I needed to face reality and go to the store to buy her some deodorant. I knew I didn’t want her to wear all the chemical based deodorant products out there, and wanted her to try an all natural product instead.

I ended up purchasing this Tom’s deodorant from Target for about $5 bucks. It does an amazing job, and takes away any armpit oder she has.

I then also heard about another all natural deodorant, which are so many more positive reviews (more than Tom’s) which is called Native. So, I had to give it a try.

I will say that she does like both deodorants, but the only downfall, is that the Native deodorant is pretty expensive! It’s almost triple in price compared to the Tom’s deodorant. But if you read the reviews, they are so much better with people/kids liking that deodorant than any other. As far as my daughter she does like both. I will have to give the ultimate test one day and switch to an all natural deodorant *future post will come on that*


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