November Round Up

Another holiday down and another to come. This month wasn’t too crazy busy. I would say I was more busy with blog work and preparing all the gift guides and for black Friday//cyber Monday more than anything. However, we still did some things this month, that were definitely fun!

Harvest Festival 

We attended the girls school annual Harvest Festival, which Robert and I actually have to work at. All parent must work 3 hours at the festival, but luckily Robert and I split the time so it’s not too much for us.

The girls love the Harvest Festival + always have such a great time! They dance, play on the jumpers, play games, and then wait for the raffle at the end of the night. This year the did not win, and both left the festival with sad faces! 😆

California| Brace update

My aunt and I went to California for our Ortho appointment and literally came back as soon as we were done. Luckily my husband flew to California and drove us back home because driving all day would have been too much for me. And yes, you read that right… I made my husband fly to Cali to drive 4 1/2 hours back home… those are the perks my husband gets for working at the airport!

Brace Update 

Ok, so as far as my braces, my aunt (who is my ortho dentist) did the normal cleaning, changing wires, BUT also added bands! Let me just tell you I WAS NOT expecting it! I didn’t think bands would hurt, and honestly did not really know it’s purpose for me, but man oh man was I wrong! It felt like I just got braces placed on! Definitely was not prepared. 

I have to wear these bands 22 hours out of the day (so pretty much only when I eat is when I’m not to wear them). The small bands actually pull the teeth down so that way my ‘bite’ closes. Is it painful.. yes! Your mouth is very sore and teeth very sensitive. It was so hard for me to eat because I can’t just eat soup and rice like I did when I first got my braces placed on. I’m on keto now.. so I’m somewhat limited. I’m also going to be totally honest with you all. I have not been wearing my bands like I should be. In fact, I haven’t worn them in days! I just couldn’t take it anymore, BUT I know I have to if I want these off soon! So, I need to suck it up, put my big girl panties on, and wear them!

We are skipping on going to the dentist in December, so I’ll give you my next update in January! 

Double Date | Postmodern Jukebox

It’s very rare when my husband and I go on double dates, but when we do, we absolutely love being with our 2 close friends! We were lucky enough to receive free tickets to a band that was in town called Postmodern Jukebox, but before we went to the show, we decided to have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings first! One of our favorite restaurants, especially while on keto.

The show was so good! At first I didn’t think this was something I was going to like, but ended up liking! The band sings a lot of popular modern music, but with a vintage touch to it, just like the 20th century.

After the show we decided to walk on the Las Vegas strip for a bit and have some drinks. It was so nice catching up + getting our for once!

My Gym

A local kids gym that is located in Henderson was so kind and invited me and the girls to their location to check it out. The girls of course loved it, and had such a good time. They do have obstacle courses there that they have to do and the trainer teaches and guides them on what to do. The causes are somewhat similar to what they do at the Spartan Race.

School Pie Tasting

Melia’s class had a fun experiment at school where they had to taste around 7 different kinds of pie that are normally served on Thanksgiving, then vote which pie was their favorite, and write an essay on it. Going into this, Melia already new which pie was going to be her favorite… that’s pumpkin pie of course.

Sure enough, Melia did not like any other pie except her fave!

Thanksgiving Break

A whole week off of school… what on earth will the kids do!

To start off Thanksgiving break, my sisters and I decided to take all of the kids to go watch the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Afterwards we took them to go bowling and then went to eat oxtail soup super early in the morning. Bowling and eating super late has always been something we grew up with as we were kids from my mom, so it’s a nice treat being able to take our kids in doing the same thing… even though they get super exhausted from it! HAHAHA


So many things to be thankful for this year, but one of the things I’m always thankful for is my family. We had Thanksgiving at my parents house, and boy oh boy does my mom and dad not disappoint!


From side dishes, to meats, to desserts, to wine. It was all there!

After we all stuffed our faces, we headed over to my cousins house and had all the kids decorate their gingerbread houses//cookies.

So much fun + such creative minds!

Parent’s Night Out

Grandma is watching all of the kids = parent’s night out! My sisters//cousin//and I all went to a karaoke bar and OH MY it was sooo much fun! Maybe a little too much fun! Who would of thought! Definitely a night to remember!

Christmas tree set up

I so badly wanted to set up our Christmas tree a couple days before Thanksgiving, so this year I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to do so. However, I got the tree up and it’s beautiful! My best tree yet! I’m obsessed!

I hope you all had an amazing month. December is my most favorite month of all. We do lots of Christmas activities, Christmas shopping, baking, family gatherings,

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