New Year – New Goals

Goodbye 2018, you were here for a good 5 seconds, and it’s now 2019Guys, I seriously can’t believe 2019 is in a few short days. And, with it being a new year that means new goals, right?

Now, for me I love creating new goals for myself and then reflecting back to see what I’ve accomplished. So, I wanted to share with you all a few New Year Resolution goals of mine ….

1.   Health  | I didn’t come this far to lose 40 pounds and gain it all back because of the Holidays. I love the keto lifestyle, and love how I felt when I was eating healthy. I don’t have any curtains goals on how much weight I want to lose or my goal weight, I just want to focus on losing weight and getting healthier, and that’s my goal.

2.   A Simple Piece of Me  | Another goal of mine, is creating a lot of more and fun content for you all! I’ve already have lots of awesome ideas for 2019 and I cannot wait to share with you all!

3.  YouTube  |  Some of you already know that I have had plans of creating a Keto Youtube channel because I get so many people asking questions on my journey, that I thought that putting a channel out there would be much helpful and that you all can refer to my videos at any time. I know some have voted when I did an IG poll that you wanted to see a lifestyle, mom life, day in the life, etc. on my vlogs too, but for right now, I think I will focus more on keto and slowly add all that into it.

4.  Homeowners  | A big goal of my husband and I, is to become homeowners. We are hoping and praying that 2019 is our year to become that!

5.  Save  |  I also have this as part of my New Year goals because it’s one thing that I struggle with the most. However, since our biggest goal is to become homeowners, we are definitely pushing more to save in 2019. So that may mean, traveling not as much.

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