It’s A GUM Hair Situation! How To Remove It Without Cutting Hair!

Alright guys, if you watched my stories last week, you know I dealt with GUM being in Avery’s hair + boy was I freaking out!!!

Not only does Avery’s hair NOT grow, but it’s very thin as well. I definitely thought that I would have to cut her hair because so much of it was stuck in the gum!

BUT, before resulting in cutting her hair, I decided to try something out first…. COCONUT OIL! 

I ended up soaking organic virgin coconut oil onto her hair where all the gum was at, for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I masked the rest of her hair with coconut oil as well, since we only get a benefit out of it anyways.

After letting the coconut oil soak for about 10 minutes, I slowly pulled each strand away from the gum, and with my fingernails pulled the gum down from her hair.

10 minutes later, all the gum was out! THANK GOODNESS!

There was a few strands of hair that got pulled out, especially where the big part of the gum was at, but that was expected.

So there you have it. If you ever are in this position (hopefully not), try this method first! DON’T CUT THEIR HAIR! Just be patient, let the oil soak and then start pulling the gum out of the hair.


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