I’m Losing HAIR!!!

This is probably my most saddest post i’ve written so far, but it’s true… i’m losing hair. Over the course of about a year or so, i’ve noticed my hair falling out more and more. The thinning of my hair is significant and I feel like it’s getting worse….

So many women deal with hair loss, especially after giving birth, but what else can cause hair loss? Stress? Diet? Genetics?

So many things can lead to hair loss… and it’s VERY hard to pinpoint what can be the cause. I even read that being deficient on vitamins can lead to hair loss.

Now there are so many treatments you can do now a days, but those treatments are very costly. So what can we do ourselves, that aren’t so costly?


Below are a few things that I’ll be doing over the course of 3 months. In these next couple of months, I’ll be taking lot of progress pictures to see if anything is working. Unfortunately, I won’t know exactly what will be the one working, because I have a few things I want to try, but I’m desperate at this point to try anything and everything. 

  • start taking Kapeli vitamins
  • tea tree oil treatments (3x a week)
  • using tea tree oil shampoo/conditioner
  • taking vitamins especially biotin
  • taking collagen
  • washing my hair daily or every other day
  • change eating habits

Prior to my hair thinning, I use to have very thick hair. Like thick thick hair, and after having Avery i’ve noticed i’ve thinned out so much. I honestly didn’t realize how bad it was nor thought to do something about it after birth, but about a year or so ago. I know so bad! But since I can’t go back in time… I can only TRY and fix what’s wrong. It is starting to make me uncomfortable, especially when I wear my hair up because I can see the thinning areas of my hair, but before I result in wigs, I want to know I at least tried everything I can to regrow and stop the fall out.

So, for any women or even men out there (and that is reading this post), I’m hoping I can come back to you within the next 3 or so months, and write a positive and helpful update! Until then stay tuned…..

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    • oh no! I’ve heard some people say the same thing too. Crossing my fingers that this will work for me. Will definitely keep you guys updated. Were you experiencing hair loss too?

  • I was, plus I had just cut my hair short so it was a mix of emotion. Mine was all stress related and losing hair made me more stressed

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