How I’m Staying Busy During Quarantine & Summer And How You Can Too!

2020 has been quite a year, and many are wishing to re-start 2020 or to hurry and pass, because lets face it… it’s a sh*t show so far. The world and our daily lives have halted because of this deadly corona virus, and many people including myself are told to stay home. So, what does that mean….boredom!


While we are mostly staying home, this gives us the perfect opportunity to do all kinds of things we’ve always been wanting to do. And, if there truly isn’t anything you need to do in your home, well then take this opportunity to spend time with your loved one; and if you are alone, then spend time with yourself. You probably just laughed and said… I’ll be spending a lot of my time with myself because I can’t go anywhere or see anything, but that’s not what I meant. I’ll share with you some things below of what I’m doing for myself and you can too.

Below I’ve broken down by categories of many things you can do around the house, with your family, and by yourself. Hopefully these suggestions help during this quarantine. Also, just some positivity… we might be bored and dying to go outside and go back to our normal lives, but we have to remember WE ARE SAFE AT HOME… and with us being home, WE ARE KEEPING OTHERS SAFE TOO! Also, wear your mask! 😉


Things to do around the house:

  • Deep clean your home- I always like to do a deep cleaning twice a year. Normally right when Spring starts and then Fall. It might take a lot of work, but the end result to a really nice clean and decluttered home, feels amazing. Also, a tip I like to do.. instead of trying to deep clean your entire home in 1 day.. spread it out over a few days. I give myself around 4 days. This allows me to really deep clean and not overdue it.wash all beddings and pillows- Take the time to wash all your beddings and even throw your pillows in the wash too. wipe down walls and clean your baseboards
    • clean couch- under the cushions, under the couch and wash covers if able too
    • dust and wipe down everything including all your decorations
    • vacuum/mop floors/deep clean carpet- Give your floors as much love with cleaning as you do your house. It needs it too. We walk on it daily with our dirty feet, so it’s important to really give it a good cleaning. If you have a steam mop, go at it and clean your floors. If you have a carpet cleaner, i’m sure your carpets would love a good cleaning.
    • deep clean bathrooms- walls/mirrors/sink even the bottom part/toilets inside and out.
    • Kids bedrooms/guest bedroom- I know my kids room needs a good cleaning. Don’t forget about those walls and carpet. Also, all their toys and decorations needs some cleaning too. I don’t clean every single toy of their, but the bigger toys that I know they play a lot with, I do.
    • Closet clean out- donate all your gently worn or new clothes you don’t wear; which also includes shoes/purses or bags/jewelry
  • Organize all the cabinets/drawers/linen closets- I love doing this. I think organizing is my FAVORITE part of cleaning. The end result is so satisfying!
  • Clean out fridge/freezer/pantry- Go through your fridge and throw away anything that has expired and the same goes for the freezer and pantry. Since your at it, organize everything too!
  • Clean and organize garage- We tend to forget about our garage whenever we clean. Take the time to organize and sweep all the dust and debris out of your garage. Also, go through your bins/things. Donate things you no longer need/use.
  • Give some love to your front lawn- Pull out weeds/rake or pick up any debris that doesn’t belong there. Give it a good water.
  • Backyard clean up- The same thing applies to the backyard. Pull out any weeds and pick up any debris. Wipe down any furniture you have out there.
  • Refresh decorations- If your anything like me, I love re-vamping my interior decorations, especially during different seasons/holidays. If your able too, give parts of your home a new look.
  • House work- If you’ve been meaning to do any type of house work, like painting or putting molding on your walls; here’s your time to do it.
  • Build something- If you have wood, build something. Make your kids a doll house, or build them something cool to entertain them during this time.
  • Paint re-fresh- if your house needs a re-fresh coating of paint… do it! And if you’ve always been wanting that accent wall… do it!
  • Stop pinning and start doing! This is the perfect time to work on those DIY projects you’ve always pinned or talked about. Start now!


Things to do with your family:

  • Build a fort- Let your kids run with their imagination and have them build a fort. They will love it and it will keep them entertained for quite some time.
  • Go camping- If you have camping areas near you, go have some fun camping. It will be a great change of scenery and will feel like a little vacation. And, if you can’t travel to a place to camp at; how fun would it be to go camping in your backyard? I know it’s not the same, but trust me the fam will enjoy it.
  • Go for a drive- We’ve been loving our little drives. It’s been keeping us sane to just be out of the house. Even if we don’t get out of the car, we love doing it.
  • Use your imagination and build with Legos- We love building with Legos and using our imaginations to create things.
  • Family game night- We love family game night. One of our favorite games to play as a family is Monopoly.
  • Play outside- every played 2 square or 4 square? The kids will love it!!
  • Slip n Slide- If the weather is nice, let the kids go ham and let them play in the water. You should join too! TIP- Apply a small amount of TEAR FREE baby shampoo onto the slip n slide… the kids will love it because it becomes really slippery.
  • Family movie nights- I love family movie night. We always let the kids choose 1 movie and then we (the parents) choose a movie (kid friendly). What we like doing is choosing a kid movie that we grew up watching, that they’ve never seen before. We also took it to another level and purchased a projector and large projector screen and have backyard movie nights with all the fam! It’s really been a hit this summer. I also make it like a movie theater and make popcorn, nachos, and candy! The kids.. and adults love it!!!
  • Bike ride around your neighborhood or park- This has been another fun thing we like to do. Since it’s so dang hot in Vegas right now, we’ve been enjoying night time bike rides on a 2 mile trail at a park we go too.
  • Crafting- Kids love to craft. Get some yarn or any other craft materials and have them make something. There are also many things you can order at Michaels or Hobby Lobby online for the kids to create
  • Painting- Painting can be messy, but it’s fun!
  • Coloring books
  • Bake together- I can’t even tell you how many sweets we’ve made during this pandemic. I think i’m a professional baker now! haha
  • Pizza night- this is something i’ve been wanting to do. How fun would it be to have everyone create their own pizza and toppings!


Things to do for yourself:

  • Self meditate- Play some meditation music and take time to meditation. Focus on inhaling and exhaling. Try practicing meditation every morning, right when you wake up
  • Find a good yoga class online- Another great thing to ease your mind is to find a really good yoga class online and stretch your body. Practice listening to your breathing…inhale… exhale
  • Self care- I love doing a self care day. I love playing calming music, then I put a hair mask on. While that’s masking in my hair, I steam my face for 10 mins to open my pores, do extractions, shave the peach fuzz off my face, pluck my eyebrows, shower, do a face mask, perform my skin care routine, and blow dry my hair.
  • Read- take some time and catch up on your favorite novel or audio book
  • Work on your hobby- something that I love doing is creating scrapbooks of the many pictures that I took and printed. It becomes great chatbooks for your guest
  • Make a DIY facial scrub- I use my DIY facial scrub a few times a week and have noticed a big difference in my skin. Here’s what I do: In a air tight container mix; brown or white sugar/honey/lemon… that’s it! This is great for a body scrub too!
  • Write 10 things your are thankful for every morning
  • Learn a new skill- Whether it’s learning a new language or knitting, try something new
  • Get ready- Even though you’re not going anywhere or have nothing to do. Get ready. Do your hair. Do your makeup. Get dressed. I promise you, you will feel better.
  • Take a bubble bath- Don’t forget the candles and bath bomb (if you have it)
  • Make a bucket list- I love making different bucket list. One for traveling out of the country, one for places I want to visit in my country, and things I want to accomplish in my life.
  • Workout- Even if you don’t want to.. do it. You’ll so much better doing it. I promise.
  • Play dress up- I mean we need to make sure all our clothes still fit us right?
  • Have dinner outside- If you have a backyard; enjoy the different scenery
  • Play with makeup- try different types of makeup looks. Even if it’s out of your comfort zone.
  • Do your nails- something I ordered has been a gel UV light and gel manicure set. It’s been nice doing and seeing my nails look nice during this time
  • Cook or Bake- This is the perfect time to do it. While your at it, pour yourself a glass of wine or pop open your favorite beer.
  • Dance- Blast some music and just dance. Who cares who’s watching.
  • Journal- This is a great way to express your feelings, vent, or keep your mind sane.
  • Devotional time




Below are some pins that you can pin to your Pinterest to save these ideas in the future.

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