Favorite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

In honor of National Nail Polish Day, I gathered some of my favorite Spring/Summer nail polishes ranging from all different prices, but affordable.

We all know OPI can get a little pricey just for 1 polish, right? I would say they range in price from about $6-$8 bucks each, but I have discovered that Marshalls/TJ Maxx carries OPI nail polishes as well, for half the price! So be sure to check out your Marshalls or TJ Maxx before caving in and paying full price.

I’ve listed the names of each of my favorite color below. You can also click on the color name to shop for it.

Top- From left to right

  1. Do You Take Lei Away
  2. Your Royal Shyness

Bottom- From left to right

  1. I’m A Princess Your Not! (Unfortunalty, this color is no longer made and sold… bummer)
  2. My Vampire Is Buff

Next, I love the nail polishes at Ulta. The polishes actually last as long as OPI and are fairly the same price. However, you can catch a good deal and get them for less from $5 each when it’s on sale, which is exactly what I did!

From left to right

  1. Encore Pink
  2. Fresh Water Pearl
  3. Baby Doll

Lastly, Pure Ice is very affordable and are less than $2 bucks! The quality of the polish is fairly good! They also carry a lot of different shades, which I love. These are my top 3 favorite shades for Spring/Summer.

From left to right

  1. 981CP
  2. 920CP
  3. #966 (unfortunately, this color is no longer made & sold.. another bummer)

Let me know if you like any other shades throughout any of these brands or if you like other brands as well. I’m always on the lookout to find new shades for the summer!

All with love,


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