The Perfect FALL Nail Colors

When it comes to fall nail colors, what are the colors you go for? I am all about neutrals, browns, burnt orange, olive green, and burgundy reds…. ALL FALL COLORS! 

Speaking of nail polishes, are you a polish hoarder? I AM! I seriously have 2 baskets filled with polish. One is filled with Spring/Summer colors and the other is Fall/Winter. Am I crazy (please tell me I’m not)! Although these polishes that I have at home, I may have had for some time now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them any less. Ones that I really love, I have re-purchased over and over again.

                                             (currently wearing this OPI- Do You Take Lei Away… and I LOVE it)


I also have my eye on a couple new polishes that I found at Target, by OPI and Essie.. and these are the polishes that I’m LOVING…

Fall Nail Polishes - Google Docs 2018-09-25 22-04-40

FUN FACT: Whatever polish I have on my hands, I MUST have the same color on my toes. For some odd reason, I CANNOT do different colors! Anyone else like that or is it just me!?!

These colors all speak FALL VIBES to me! You know I’m definitely going to pick me up some of these colors, that’s for sure! If you have any brands that you like to use or any colors you love to wear during Fall/Winter, let me know down in the comments below.


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