The Perfect Shades Of Winter

Give me all the burgundies, reds, navy blue, gold, silver, whites and more! I love Winter nail colors! It just calls for more festivities when you look down and see your nails painted with holiday colors!

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite colors that range from low to high prices, but are very pretty in colors!

I do get my nails done now at the salon with gel polish because if I don’t my nails become so fragile and break. However, I still go for all of these colors during these months!

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Yves Saint Laurent 'Vinyl - La Laque Couture' Nail Lacquer | Nordstrom 2018-11-27 22-24-36       

Burgundy | These colors are seriously one of my favorite colors to wear during the Winter. It goes so well with so many different complexions!

Navy Blue | One that I would have never worn before, but I’m just loving… navy blue! I just love the look of it, especially when adding white and silver sparkles! LOVE! Such a great look for New Years!


Gold + Silver Glitter | Ok, gold and silver are always a MUST. I mean c’mon… glitter is in almost everyday holiday decor, so why not incorporate it into your nails too!

Red | Another must during the Winter months, especially during December. It just makes you feel more festive and ready for Christmas! essie®-Gel-Couture-Nail-Polish-Kit-Target-2018-11-27-22-18-23-1.png

White | Nothing compares to my favorite nail color ever… white! You can add any color to it, add some glitter, or just leave it as is, and it’s still gorgeous!


Green + Black | This is another color that I don’t normally wear, but the darker greens//olive green colors, I’m starting to really love on my nails! So fun + festive, especially when pairing it when Christmas colors.


Nudes | I’m all about the nudes, bout the nudes, bout the nudes!!! HAHA Yes, nudes for me are a color that I wear ALL YEAR LONG! You just can’t go wrong with nude colors for any season, in my opinion. Love these!!

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