Do You Still Celebrate Your ‘Together’ Anniversary?

I have a question to ask you. When dating your significant other (before you got married) did you ever celebrate the day you started dating, which would be your anniversary? If so and you’re married now, do you still celebrate the day you started dating?

Robert and I started dating on this day (10/13) back in 2006. 12 years together! We got married on June 20th, 2015 and once we got married we’ve always had the question of do people still celebrate the day you & your partner started dating, along with your wedding anniversary? When I asked some friends who are married, and even my parents, their answer was they only celebrated their marriage anniversary, but I’ve always wondered why? Why stop celebrating the day you started dating. You’ve celebrated the day for year(s) before getting married, so why stop? Is there a reason behind it? If so, I would love to know. Not that we would stop celebrating this day, but it’s always good to know. To each their own right?

Ever since Robert and I have been married, we still celebrate our anniversary of when we first got together. This day has always been a SPECIAL day to celebrate it in the past, so why should we forget that?

With today marking 12 years of being together, we celebrate! We are actually celebrating tomorrow since we are celebrating my nephew’s birthday as well, and not to mention it’s our cheat day!!! But, more on a serious note, I really do love our date nights. I love reminiscing, and I love celebrating US! It’s the time we get (even if it’s an hour or 2) that we get to reconnect. So we are definitely going to enjoy it!

So in honor of Robert and I’s 12 year ‘together’ anniversary, we give you 12 facts about our relationship! We also wanted to share some pictures with you all from the past years!

  1. Ever since we got together, we’ve always had nicknames for each other, but ever since having kids it’s now changed to mommo, mom, me love (yes, me love not my love) for me. As far as nicknames for Robert, I’ve called him Bub for years now, and also call him dad when around the girls. At random I through in Sparky, but he HATES it. Does anyone know where the nickname Sparky came from??? It’s from one of my favorite movies… How To Lose A Guys An 10 Days! If you haven’t seen that movie, I HIGHLY suggest you do! It’s hilarious!
  2. We both have a huge love for traveling. We plan to travel the world, and see as much as we can in our lifetime. When traveling we love exploring, going on adventures, and trying new restaurants or food out! So far we’ve traveled to 4 different countries together. The destination that we are planning to travel next is either Thailand or Japan, which we are both super excited for and will eventually do both!
  3. We are both VERY family oriented. I have a HUGE love for my family & am very close with them. Robert is the same way, which I appreciate so much. He loves all the family adventures and down to do anything. Our favorite thing to do with all of the family is anything that is related to the outdoors or water like going to the lake/river!
  4. What’s funny is that Robert and I both went to the same exact high school, although he graduated 2 years ahead of me, but we knew and hung out with the same exact friends, yet we did not know each other until the summer I graduated high school.
  5. So, you might be wondering how did Robert and I meet? Well, we met that summer after I graduated high school. I then started dating one of his best friends! HAHAHA OOPS! Robert was also dating his girlfriend of 3 years at that time. We just so happened to break up with our ex’s around the same time, and low and behold we started dating. Years and years later, we have hit our 12 year mark, have been married for 3 years, and are raising our 2 beautiful girls! Life is good and also works in mysterious ways….
  6. Before we had kids, we did have 3 fur babies. Unfortunately, times went really rough for us, and it happened to be when I was pregnant with our first born. We had to find another home for them, and it was the hardest thing we’ve had to go through. I cried for hours on the floor. It felt like I gave my kids up. However, we did find them really good homes for them to be loved!
  7. We both love talking in different accents to each other (Australian, British, pirate, etc.), and our kids absolutely hate when we do it. To the point where my youngest cries, because she thinks mommy/daddy aren’t coming back to their normal voice! It’s quite hilarious.
  8. Taking is back about 10-11 years ago. I was really sick with a bad cold.. maybe even flu, and unfortuantly it passed to Robert. He was so sick for almost 2 weeks and would have horrible chest pain. Well to cut the story short, he ended up in ER and apparently from what the doctor said, was that he was having multiple heart attacks!! They said a bubble was in front of his heart, causing these mini heart attacks. He had to have a mini procedure to make sure his heart was fine and check on this bubble. The end result was prescribing him with medicine for this bubble. Of course, he blames me for this all happening to him. Well, to this day he does not like anyone touching near his heart because of what happened. If he sees anything on TV that has to deal with a heart beat, heart procedure, or anything for that matter, he gets squeamish.
  9. When it comes to driving, Robert hates when I’m in the car with him because I’m always complaining about how he drives, which is true. However, he does drive crazy! He’s one of those drivers that get very impatient, and instead of paying attention to the car in front of him, he looks ahead… which causes him stepping on the breaks hard! This also leads into him wanting a motorcycle. Which he’s been wanting forever now. So I told him if he can drive safely (not slamming on his breaks, not speeding, etc.) for 1 year that he can get one, and I promised him that. Lets just say he couldn’t even last a day! He tried so hard to focus on the speedometer, that he just gave up within a couple of hours! I told him I prefer my husband to be here (look up Vegas stats on motorcycle accidents.. it’s horrible), but if there ever comes a time where I say he can buy a motorcycle, that means something is going on in our marriage and he needs to worry! hahaha
  10. When we got married, the day before our wedding, which was our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, one of our friends who flew out for our wedding got severely injured. He is completely fine now, but it was the most stressful thing for the both of us! Of course we were worried about our friend and if he was going to be ok, and at the same time we’re trying to focus on the rehearsal and entertaining all of our guest at the dinner. It was just a crazy/stressful day!
  11. Robert claims all his grey hairs come from us girls, but I think not. I think it’s just age (he’s going to hate me for this).
  12. So, I saved the best for last. About 8 months into dating, we went to the lake with my family. Robert and I decided to go for a walk, and while we were walking a HUGE bug flew on him. However, I didn’t really see the bug fly on him I just seen what looked like he was hyper ventilating. I thought he was having a heart attack, so I ran…. and ran the opposite way from where my family was!! HAHAHA, I know you’re are thinking I’m a horrible person! I’m sure you’re are asking why the hell did you run….. well I honestly don’t know. I guess I didn’t want to be blamed for his death! HAHAHA Ok, I am a horrible person! But it’s safe to say, that if that event really did happen (I pray that it doesn’t) since we’ve been together for 12 years now, I won’t run, or so I think. It’s something we can definitely look back on and laugh!! Hey he still stuck around!!









Let me know down in the comments below if you and your partner still celebrate your ‘together’ anniversary and how long you’ve been together for! I would love to know! Have a great weekend y’all!


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