2020 Plans & Goals

Hey guys, now that we have officially moved in, surpassed the holidays, began a new year, and somewhat finished unpacking; I can take the time and write again. I sure do miss it, that’s for sure.

Well, I know we are already in February, and I’m about a month late on sharing my goals; but it’s better late than never right!?

With the world experiencing a devastating loss at the end of January (Kobe Bryant- a basketball legend- along side with his daughter Gianna and 7 others in a tragic accident). My heart felt pain, especially hearing that his daughter was with him and another teammate of hers too. I couldn’t help but feel pain, and I know so many were in the same position as well. However, hearing the news just put a lot of things into perspective and just made me really be thankful for what I have in my life… weather if it’s good or bad. And, I think it made people think the same way as well.


So with that said, a goal of mine this year is to love a little harder, especially when it comes to my family. I’m not a perfect parent (I mean who really is), but when it comes to my kids, I can be hard on them at times. More so when it comes to school work. Of course as parents we want the best for them. We want them to have a great education. We want them to do well in school, and I will be the first to admit that I can be really hard on them at times. So I want to loosen up a bit. I obviously don’t want my children to be scared to come to me for anything and luckily we have a great bond right now and I don’t want that to change. I love how the girls will talk to me just about anything right, and that’s something I always hope we will have together.

But, anyways that is really a goal of mine this year… to stop expecting high of my children and to just loosen up a bit. To know that when they are struggling and having a hard time, to put everything aside and really focus on what they need and come to a solution on making it more understandable.

Also, when it comes to my husband, doing more date nights. We sometimes forget that date nights are important in relationships/marriage, and that’s something I really want to focus on doing more of too. At least once or twice a month.

Another goal of mine is to really focus on me. I know I’ve mentioned that a few weeks ago on my IG stories, but really really focusing on myself and my health. I know that anything can happen to anyone; the strongest of strongest, the healthiest of healthiest, the richest of richest, and that can all be gone at anytime. But, if I can prove to myself to really focus on my wellness, that would be a HUGE accomplishment!

Another goal of mine is to focus on savings. I’ll be the first to admit that savings is not my fortay, but I want to change that! I want to start spending smarter, and save smarter. So I’m making a plan and a goal of how much I want to save, and hopefully I can accomplish that and give you all the tips and recommendations!

And there you have it… those are my 3 main goals I want to focus on this year.

  1. My children and husband- loving them extra everyday because you never know what can happen
  2. ME- health, wellness, mentality, fitness
  3. Savings… because lord knows I’ll need it down the road when we get older

As far as plans this year, our main plans are really to focus on the house. We have a lot of home projects planned this year, and I’ll be sharing all of that in an upcoming blog post.

Traveling is also in the plans, but not as much this year. We know that in May we are going to NYC, for my nieces collage graduation, and going to Texas this month for a few days. I would also love to go somewhere during the summer, but right now that idea is up in the air. We have a MAJOR vacation planned next year, so this year we aren’t really doing anything major.

So that’s that…. I hope you all have had an amazing start of 2020 so far, and have crushed your goals so far!

Always remember tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. The only day guaranteed was yesterday. So love a little harder and always remember to never take anything for granted.




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