Daddy/Daughter Date down the drain…

When is comes to ‘bonding time’ with your kid(s)/grandchildren/or anyone special in your life, do you do anything special to spend time together? My husband and I always like to make sure we do family days, whether if we spend time at the park, eat at a restaurant, do a fun activity, go to the movies, etc. But, we also like to do mommy/daughter dates and daddy/daughter dates. We’ve done these in the past, and our kids really enjoy our special bonding time together. I personally think it’s important to have that individual bonding time with them, so that way you have that connection individually with them.

So over the weekend my oldest daughter, Melia, asked if we can do a mommy/daughter date and daddy/daughter date. I immediately jumped into saying yes, since it was a long while since we’ve done one.We decided to do our date on Monday (President’s Day) since the kids didn’t have school and my husband didn’t have to work that day. Melia asked to have date day with daddy and my youngest, Avery, wanted to have date day with mommy (the last time we did this I had Melia and Avery had daddy). So, as we woke up and got ready for our dates, Melia ended up saying mommy, I don’t want to do separate dates, I want to do “together dates”. Avery of course started throwing a fit because she pretty excited for date day with mommy.

As my husband heard Melia tell me that she wants to be with me and we can just do a “together date instead” of course it stung my husband’s feelings; shoot that would sting me too! After my husband threw a little daddy tantrum and saying he’ll go on his ‘date’ by himself then, I finally convinced everyone to be on the same page and that we’ll do our ‘separate dates’ another time.

I took.. or should I say we took daddy to have lunch at one of his favorite barbecue places in Las Vegas, Rollin Smoke BBQ. He’s obsessed with this place. As far as the kids liking it, ehh not so much, but at least it made my husband happy.


We proceeded with our ‘together date’ and took our kids to one of their favorite indoor playground, Kids Kingdom. This place is definitely a lot smaller than the other indoor playgrounds here in Vegas, but it’s less crowded, so I’m ok with it.

What I like most about these indoor playgrounds, is they can play here all day long (and rarely get tired) and I can relax without having to clean up after everyone or ask them continuously to clean up their toys. I can do work if I need too, read a book, etc. You can even step out for lunch or even a nap and come back if you like. Most indoor playgrounds here in Las Vegas are between $10-$15 for all day play and if you have other children, you will get a discounted price for them. These indoor playgrounds definitely come in hand when it’s summer/winter time here in Vegas or on rainy days.

After playing for a couple of hours at Kid’s Kingdom, we wanted to end our together date at the movie theaters and took them to watch Peter Rabbit. Now, I know a lot of people are trying to boycott this movie, and that’s a different subject I can talk about, but we didn’t let that stop us. It was such a cute movie and the kids really enjoyed it.

So, as much fun as it sounded in my head and the excitement we had for our mommy/daughter and daddy/daughter date; sometimes, plans just doesn’t go as planned, and that’s ok. In the end, we all had a great time, and the kids enjoyed themselves. As I think about it, as much as I think it’s important to have that special bonding time with one another, it makes my heart very happy that they would choose for all of us to be together, than be apart.

I would love to hear any special things you do with your kiddo(s) or grandchildren or even if you have any suggestions on things I can do with mine. I am always opened to new suggestions!

All with love,


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