Conair Curling Iron – Dupe to t3?

I’ve been seeing this Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron floating around the internet + some saying it’s a dupe to the T3 Curling Iron.

I don’t own a T3 curling iron, but I’ve always wanted one. I honestly can’t see myself spending $200+ on a curling iron. In fact, my husband might LOSE HIS MIND.. if I spent $200 on a curling iron 😆!

So I don’t have a review to provide between the 2, but I did watch a lot of video on what the t3 curling iron provides, so I think I have a good understanding….

But I did purchase the Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron and i’m here to give you my review on it!

First off, the iron itself is so pretty. I love the white and rose gold look to it. I did purchase the curling iron on Amazon for $19.99, but you can purchase it at Target as well (both are currently on sale for $16.99). Amazon is just much more convenient for me since I have prime ☺️!

The curling iron itself heats up to 400 degrees + also has turbo heat (which is nice but I honestly don’t think you’ll need it, unless you have long hair).

It claims to warm up in 30 seconds, which it does! I sure do love a curling iron that heats up fairly fast!

As far as the iron itself, it curls my hair beautifully! I love the loose curls that it gives me instantly. Normally, my hair doesn’t look like this until day 2.

The only thing I don’t like so much is how short the barrel is. So if you have long or thick hair, this can cause a bit of a problem. I don’t think it will not work as great, but you may have to take smaller parts of your hair when curling it, or if you have long hair, you may have to wrap your hair around the wand twice.

So my overall review on this Conair Curling Iron, is a YES! I love how affordable it is, and LOVE how my hair looks. I currently use hot tools, 1″, and although I love my hot tools curling iron, its double the price. So, I would definitely recommend this curling iron to anyone.

As I mentioned, I haven’t tried the t3 wand, so unfortunately, I can’t compare (I would hope it’s awesome because it sure isn’t cheap), but if it’s anything like this curling iron, then it’s great!

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  • Anytime! It really is awesome, especially for the price. I love it! I think I may even get the 1″ wand like this as well! 🙂

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