Avery’s LOL SURPRISE 6th Birthday!

And just like that I have a 6 year old! Man has time flew by. To think 6 years ago I was holding this little tiny newborn of mine as a family of 4!

Just like Melia’s birthday, we didn’t really want to do anything big this year because we have so much going on, but we still wanted to celebrate + make her party look pretty!

Since she’s really into LOL Surprise, she decided to go with that theme this year. I will say it was definitely a challenge, that’s for sure.

If you read my blog post on Melia’s birthday, you know I like modern but elegant looking birthdays, and if you’ve seen what LOL Surprise is.. it’s very elaboratant! Lots of colors going on and very girly!

When I started purchasing party decorations at Target for Melia, Avery seen these colorful plates, napkins, cups, etc., and was sooo hooked on having that for her birthday! It was so odd because at that time I didn’t think it would go with her party theme, but look at that! It sure did + it turned out AMAZING! Looks like my Ave has some party decorating skills!

We decided to have her birthday at the park (even though it was 95 degrees out) and of course stayed all day there. The kids had such a good time, especially because there was a splash pad there.

As far as the decorations for the kids table, all of the decorations came from Target. I re-used the florals from Melia’s party into Ave’s party to make it more elegant and not too overboard with LOL Surprise being everywhere.

The dessert table was a bit challenging because I wasn’t sure how to make it different from Melia’s dessert table at her party, but as I looked around a few stores and picked up a few things, it came together, and I am sooo happy with how it turned out! Avery was so happy and loved her party so much! Everything that I purchased, as far as decorations, all came from Target. The cake came from a local baker here in Las Vegas, NV, the cupcakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes, brownies from Sams Club, and candy from Home Goods!

When it came to the food, Avery made it VERY clear that she did not want Filipino or Chinese food at her party! LOL… probably because she have that at almost every party there is! So she decided on good ol’ American food… pizza, bbq wings, salad, spaghetti (however, I did make it Filipino style), garlic knots, and chicken fingers! Very American yet all kid approved! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture before the food was touched, but I ended up catering the pizza/wings/chicken fingers.. making salad (sister making the dressing), and I made the Filipino spaghetti.

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