10 Ways To Stay Positive In 2019

I always get asked by many, ‘how are you always so positive’? Although, my life is not free from obstacles and challenges I do try and remain positive through it all. And as hard as that can be at times, I just always try and tell myself that things do happen for a reason, but it’s how you get through those challenges and obstacles that can change your mind set and possibly life.

I certainly try and look at everything with positivity, however, I know it can be hard at times, and just like everyone else, I do have my days. I believe that if you are being challenged or going through personal hardship, and have an upsetting attitude through it all; it will just put yourself through a slump or worse, depression.

I’ve certainly had my hardships throughout life, and have gone through what seemed like hell and back, and even at times didn’t see the positive in what I was going through or asked “why me”; but who I am today and with much more of a positive mind set then years before, I couldn’t be happier. Let’s just face it, when you have more of a positive attitude and mind you are more happier in general. The more you are negative, you will find something bad in everything, which comes with a sour mind set.

Maybe one day I can share with you all a deeper part of what I’ve been through in life, but for now we are talking about how to stay positive in 2019, right?

So, with that said, I want to share with you all 10 ways of staying positive in 2019, that I use myself.

  1. Leave the past behind- We all have a past, whether if it was good or bad, we all have one. As I mentioned above, mine was dark a few times. Now, I’m not going to lie and say that my past was horrible and I was treated like crap; that was definitely NOT THE CASE. My parents treated me amazing and I was raised in a loving home for 18 years (until I moved out). I also grew up with a loving family. However, some incidents happened, which caused dark times. I’ve had to deal with those experiences (personally) on my own and seek positivity of moving forward. I’ve done a pretty good job in moving forward and finding the positive through it all, but it can be a challenging road to surpass. So, if there is something that you are dwelling on that happened in the past, try and leave it behind. Unfortunately, things cannot be changed or undone and time cannot go back, so why spend time dwelling on it or asking yourself why you. There are times when things cannot always be answered, so try and leave it behind and look at the positive future life holds for you.
  2. Remove toxic relationships and/or friendships- When you have friendships or even in a relationship, that is very negative, that can cause a lot of impact on trying to stay positive. Trust me, I know. I’ve had friendships that were so toxic and would cause so much stress on me, that it was just awful. I knew that even though these people did nothing specifically to me personally, but how they would act towards other “friends”, was still not a good placement for me to be in. Once I removed myself from the friendship, I saw how much weight lifted off my shoulders. I grew as a person to remove myself from toxicity.
  3. Look at the good in everything-  You can’t see what the future holds for you, but when certain things happen, even if it’s not planned or not what you were hoping, look at the good in it. I believe that things happen for a reason, so you must find the positive in it one way or the other.
  4. Meditate – Take some time out your day whether it be 30 minutes before the family wakes up, or 30 minutes before going to bed and meditate. It feels so good to clear out your head space. I love doing this, especially when my kids are driving me absolutely insane! It’s a good way to cleanse your mind and go about your day/night with a positive + clear mind.
  5. Try and use positive words-  Taking certain words out of your vocabulary can be very helpful, believe it or not. Try not to use the words hate, ugly, fat, etc. Those words to me are very toxic. Ask yourself, if you really hate that or is it something that you just don’t like. Hate is a powerful word. So if and when I use the word ‘hate’ it MUST be something that I really really really really (you get the picture) don’t like. Is that really ugly? Do you really think you look fat? See how that can quickly turn into being negative. Try saying I, I don’t like that style or I don’t think that will look good on you or me. Just by changing how you rephrase words and sentences makes your mind less negative.
  6. Be thankful- Use the word “thank you” a lot. Being thankful will make you look at everything in a different manner. Try thanking yourself or even thanking your significant other, friend, family member, kids, etc., daily. It doesn’t take much effort to spread positivity. Plus it’ll make you and the other person you just thanked, feel great at the end of the day!
  7. Take a couple minutes to yourself everyday- This kind of goes with meditation. Except if meditation is not your thing, then take some time to yourself to do what you love. Whether it be planning, writing in you gratitude journal, praising the lord, working out, or stitching; do what makes you happy. Having that time for yourself will start or end your day with a positive mind-set.
  8. Have faith- Trust in the future. As I mentioned, you can’t control it, but have faith and seek positivity in whatever it is that you have your mind set too.
  9. Trust-  Trust in yourself. Trust in others. If you don’t have trust, then you will always have a negative mind. And, if you cannot trust, then you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it?
  10. Smile-  Try living with a smile on your face. No, i’m not saying you need to smile 24/7, but SMILE. Smile while you are out holding the door for someone else. Smile while you are checking out at the cashiers. Smile while you are passing someone that looks like they are having a not so good day. S M I L E

So there you have it. 10 ways that I use to stay positive. I may not do every single thing here daily, but I sure do most of them. So I am challenging you to commit to one or more of these ways to stay positive, and see how that road takes you in 2019!


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