When will racism stop? When will ALL be accepted? When will black lives matter? When will we be able to trust those who are “suppose” to protect us? When will cops stop murdering the innocent blacks?

We live in the year of 2020 and it’s unfortunate that we ARE STILL DEALING WITH RACISM! And I’m so fed up with it, along with millions of others. And, unfortunately it’s happening with all races, however blacks are dealing with it a lot more and are being murdered for it. So what can WE do to stop racism?

Having a mixed family and a black husband this hurts me as much as it does everyone else. Will my kids be accepted as any white individual out there? Will Avery be more “accepted” due to her pale skin then Melia will? Will my husband be the next one? How can I go on knowing that my husband, my brother in law, my girls, my nephews will all be safe? What can I do other than signing petitions? The only way I know how to is write about it. It’s to educate people on it. It’s to talk about it. It’s to stop those people that are making racial slurs or jokes. It’s to continue to raise me kids to accept and love all.

As a family we’ve been talking about it a lot. On my social medias I’ve been voicing it. With my husband we talk about what we can do to be better. With my kids I’ve voiced and expressed to them many many times throughout the years of them growing and understanding more, that we are a family that ACCEPTS ALL and we DO NOT judge anyone based on their color, appearance, sexuality, religion, beliefs, politics, and/or disabilities. I try and educate them as much as I can because I BELIEVE that’s what can make the change.


We need to raise a better generation. The younger generation is our future, and if they are being raised to hate and to not accept ALL.. things will NEVER change. Our children are our shadows. They listen when you think they aren’t listening. They remember every action you are doing, even when you don’t think they saw. They don’t know any better. It’s what we are raising our children to be. Educate them. Don’t just educate them during uncertainties and at times like this. EDUCATE THEM ALL THE TIME. Several times. Stop with the racial ‘jokes’. Stop with the racial sarcasms or slurs. If you hear people speak of any type of racism… SPEAK UP! Educate them.

Protesting. I believe protesting does work. However, I don’t believe and/or condone in looting, burning buildings down, rioting, and robbing stores. I understand why people are doing it, but it also questions you if they are doing it for the right reason OR for the purpose or cause. Are they truly caring about the main reason, which is ENDING RACISM? I feel that looting and destroying their home/land is taking away from the cause. How is doing this changing those that are truly racist, perspective? I know so many people are fed up with protesting peacefully because they feel like they aren’t being heard. And why yes, you probably weren’t being heard before, but I promise you, the world has woken up. I can feel it. I can see it. People are listening.

But what people aren’t seeing is their community hurting even more now. I watched this heartbreaking video of this older black man pleading with his people, with protestors that have been rioting, that have been burning buildings down, that have been robbing stores; and what was more heartbreaking other than his own people destroying his business and all the years… the blood and sweat… the money this man has put into his business, for it to now to be burned to ashes. Seeing that his is own people.. his own neighbors were tearing this man apart. He was witnessing people “wanting to make a change” the wrong way. He was witnessing the younger generation tearing people down even more. He was witnessing even more people being out of a job. He was witnessing families that weren’t going to be fed because of the decisions they were making to burn and loot the stores. He was witnessing NO CHANGE BEING MADE.

IMG_3932I know people aren’t being heard. Which is why looting and burning is happening. Blacks are sick and tired of this shit happening on a daily. I’m tired of it too, but, there has to be a way that we can all come as ONE and let our voice be heard. Show the power that all nationalities and skin colors are sticking up for ALL BLACK LIVES!

And, let me be the first to say that, I know not all cops are bad. I know there are more good cops then bad, but there shouldn’t be any bad cops at all. We ALL should feel safe and feel that any cop out there should be able to protect us; but it seems like they feel that they have the ‘entitlement’ to do whatever they want to do; which is just baffling to me. We need all of those cops to be held accountable for their actions. Change needs to happen in ALL departments.

We also have to put a stop and end WHITE PRIVILEGE because it’s real! We need to educate people what white privilege is and that IT’S NOT OK! We all in general need to EDUCATE. Listen to people, read more books, talk to those that are being affected. EDUCATE. EDUCATE. EDUCATE.

It’s important for people to talk about it. It’s important for families to talk about it. And with much more people that are FINALLY speaking up and letting their voice be heard, people are listening and opening up. If we continue to do this, WE WILL MAKE A CHANGE!! 

Our world doesn’t need any more hate. We need more love, compassion, acceptance, and unity.

We have to be better. We have to do better.

Before I end this, I wanted to share many resources to further educate you and/or your family, to help in action, to seek justice for George Floyd, and to donate.



Here are some resources where you can take action, educate yourself and/or your kids, and listen or watch to understand. Education is key.


Text FLOYD to 55156 – a text will immediately be sent to you where you can click the link and sign the petition. Justice for George Floyd!

Text Justice to 668366 – same process as the other text, but here you will need to text back your zip code.

Defund the Police

Text ENOUGH to 55156 – Breonna Taylor was an innocent black women who was murdered by police as she was sleeping because they “accidentally” raided the wrong home.


Black Lives Matter- Fund the Movement 

Las Vegas Freedom Fund

Black Visions Collective

Reclaim the Block

Know Your Rights Camp

The Bail Project

Campaign Zero

The Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Fair Fight

Explore Websites:

Adult books on racism:




America’s Original Sin


White Fragility


Anxious To Talk About It




Unapologetically Ambitious


Good White Racist?


This Book Is Anti-Racist


Invisible No More


Conversations in Black


On the Come Up


A Terrible Thing To Waste

Children books:


We’re Different, We’re The Same


A Kids Book About Racism


Whoever You Are


Race Cars


Teach Your Dragon About DIVERSITY


All Are Welcome


Same, Same But Different


Happy in our Skin

Films & Shows:


– American Son

– 13th

– When They See Us

– Dear White People

– See You Yesterday


– The Hate U Give

– If Beale Street Could Talk

     Available to rent:

– Selma

– The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

– I Am Not Your Negro

– Black Power Mix Tape: 1967-1975

– Clemency

– Fruitvale Station

– Just Mercy

Accounts to follow:









Racial Justice Network

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Las Vegas

Podcasts to subscribe/listen to:

  • Code Switch
  • Pod Save the People
  • The Diversity Gap
  • About Race
  • Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast
  • 1619
  • Pod For The Cause
  • All My Relations
  • The Stoop
  • Identity Politics
  • BOLD


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