10 Things My Mom Taught Me In Life

My mom’s birthday is July 28th and what better way then dedicating this post to her.

Just to give you a little back history on my mom, she is the most kind hearted, welcoming, beautiful person that I know. She has worked so hard for what she has in life and raising 4 children to be the best version of herself. So, in honor of my mom, I wanted to share with you all 10 things of what my mom taught me in life and what I learned from her, and hopefully it will inspire you all.

Smile often

There is not 1 person that I know that smiles more than my mom. Her big beautiful smile, is the most uplifting thing ever. And lets be honest sometimes that’s all you need to see to make your day.

Growing up and seeing her smile to strangers, to kids, to the elders, has really taught me so to stay positive and to give a positive outlook on life.

I can honestly say, she is who I get my positivity from.


Always welcome your guest as if they are family

Something that many of our friends immediately notice when they are introduced to my mom, is how welcoming she is. She makes you instantly feel at home and treats you like you’re apart of the family. That is something that I absolutely love about her.

She now has many new children that she says is her ‘adopted daughter or son’.. and the thing is, she treats them no different than she would treat us.

As the older I get I find myself becoming just like my mom. When we have friends over or if I am hosting for a party, I find myself making sure all of our guests feel very welcomed.


Family is everything

Family is very important to me, and the reason is because of my mom. She is the glue to the family. Family means everything to her… and it means everything to us. Especially now that we all have kids of our own. She always makes sure she tells us that when she’s gone she wants to make sure we stay close to each other as we are right now, and we definitely want to make sure that when it’s her time to leave this earth, she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Always communicate

One thing that my mom taught me, was to always have an open communication with my husband, with family, with friends. I remember back in the day when my husband and I (who was just my boyfriend at the time) would have those silly stupid fights, and I would call my mom crying. She would rush over to talk to us and make things better. She would always make sure to tell us that we need to have better communication amongst one another. She would tell us that no matter what bothered us, we needed to talk about it right away, so we can resolve whatever is bothering us. Years later, it’s been the best advice, especially when it comes to my husband and I’s marriage. Do we have a perfect marriage… no, but we have great communication skills between the two of us. So, it’s true… communication is they key, even if the subject may sting a little!

Stay strong

I’m not talking about physical, i’m talking about emotional. Seeing my mom go through certain obstacles in life and remaining strong for her children, showed me that no matter what obstacles I go through in life, staying as strong as I can be, will get me through anything.


If there is one word to describe my mom, that would be gratitude. She’s always one that will help out when you’re in need. She’s one that will show the upmost kindness. She’s the one that will never take anything for granted.

And because of that, she shows me how to do the same.

Give back whenever possible

Something that my mom has always done even when I was younger, was always give back to the less fortunate. Weather that was helping someone that was on the street, to feeding the homeless, to helping people or family in need. It has taught me to do the same and to teach my children to give back as well. In fact, twice a year with my children, we always go through their toys and clothes and donate their items/toys that they no longer play with or need. It’s a great way to teach them to give to the less fortunate. Another thing we like to do is donate our jackets and pass them along to those that need them. And lastly, we purchase new toys for children during Christmas and donate them.

Always pray 

I will be the first to admit that I am not as religious as I should be, but I do believe in the power of prayers. My mom has always taught me to pray. Pray before bed, pray for the food we are about to eat, and pray for how blessed and lucky we are to have a roof over our head, food on the table, and have healthy lives.

Whenever I’m in need for guidance… I pray. Whenever I need God to look over me or my family… I pray. Whenever I feel scared.. I pray.

Always use your manners

Using our manners has been a really big thing growing up, and now that I am an adult with kids, I can see why. I see so many kids now a days that don’t use manners, and it’s pretty sad. Using polite manners is not only respectful but it’s a way of being kind. I believe you can see who a person really is based on their manners.

Now that I have kids, teaching my kids to use their manners and to be polite is such a big deal. I can see why my mom would always get on us if we didn’t use our proper manners.

Always give thanks

Being thankful is something my mom is always making sure we know. I know this goes into using your manners and gratitude, but it is something that we were taught. We were taught to always be appreciative of what we have… even if it’s not exactly what we want.

My mom would be the first to put us in our place if we weren’t thankful or to show us how truly lucky we are, and for that it makes me appreciate life more.


I’m not sure where I would be in life without my mom. She’s a big part of my life. She’s the structure in the family, and she’s my best friend. I hope you reading this has inspired you in some way, as she continues to inspire me.

I love you mom, forever & always




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