Health + Weightloss Update- What Happened?

For those that follow me on stories and on IG know that i’ve been struggling again with my weight, and it’s been ongoing for months now.

I’ve said this before on one of my keto updates that ever since Christmas I’ve been having the hardest time getting back on track… especially with all the occasions/birthdays/gatherings/events that have been going on. But, how long am I going to keep using “i’m so busy” as an excuse?! Seriously! I need to learn how to work around and eat healthy around BEING BUSY!

It’s hard guys. It’s an addiction + I’m trying get better at it. However, it’s not easy. So let’s try again with taking it one day at a time and that’s my focus right now.

So, I leave for our San Diego vacation on July 1st and that gives me almost a month to get my health right. I can’t say if I will be eating healthy during our vacation, but I’m not going to set my mind to thinking about that right now. I’m just trying to focus on today + TODAY ONLY!

Today, we are re-starting and getting back on track. I know the next week or two will be hard, but I’ve done it before.. I can do it again!


Alright, so the verdict in weight gain is +14.4 since my last weigh in, which was on April 13th!

That number makes me sad because I’ve worked so hard to lose 40 pounds… to only gain almost 15 pounds back! But I’m mentally and physically prepared to do this, especially since my body has been giving me signs that what I’m doing is not ok… and I need to get my s**t together!


Yes, I will be doing keto. A low carb lifestyle works best for me (well from what I think). However, I will be incorporating more of a clean keto, rather than dirty keto, for the month of June!



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  • I just read your story. It was inspiring. I’ve kinda gave up but you made me want to try again. Thank you.

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