Valentine’s Day Surprise..For Him!

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? It’s a day that a lot of women/men look forward too, some absolutely hate it, and some just think it’s an ordinary day. For those who love it, it’s a day where we feel special. Even though we should always be loved and pampered, sometimes are lives do get very hectic and that can’t always happen, which is when Valentine’s Day comes into play. Now most of the time, Valentine’s Day is mostly planned by our men or significant other, but does it always have to be our significant other spoiling and pampering us? I think not.

This year I decided to plan everything myself. My husband has been such a great supporter over the years, and especially within the last couple of months with my decision of leaving my job. So I wanted to make our day extra special.

What did we do? Well I’m sure you know what happened allll night long…

Ew gross, you have a dirty mind! I mean of course we had to partake in a little sexual romance that night, but that wasn’t all we did! I’m getting too old for that, and definitely don’t have the energy to do that all night long anymore. For those of you that do though, man do I give you kudos!

We ended up celebrating Valentine’s Day a day early. My husband and I always like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with just us two right before Vday and then on Valentine’s Day we take our kids out to eat and celebrate it with them too.


We stayed at the Serene Vegas Resort, which we loved staying at in the past for any staycations that we do, however, I wouldn’t say the same about it this time around. Definitely needs some TLC. Although, it’s been a long while since we’ve stayed at this resort, but the reason why I loved this resort was because of the big roman tub in the suite.


You know I had to soak in the tub before getting ready for dinner…


Before dinner we stopped at the beautiful Bellagio Garden in the Bellagio Casino. It was decorated for Chinese New Year- Year of the dog. As always it was breathtaking. I’m always so amazed at how they decorate almost everything there with flowers. Just an FYI for those who may want to visit the Bellagio garden- IT’S FREE!


We had reservations at Gordan Ramseys Hell’s Kitchen just outside of the Caesar’s Palace Casino and let me start off by saying.. OMG! Dinner was amazing and delicious! It’s more on the pricey side, but so worth it. The restaurant was packed, and unfortunately, we didn’t get to sit in the front part of the restaurant so we could view the kitchen part, but we did get seated next the window, which had a beautiful view of the Vegas strip and water fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace.


So, we started off with a Caesars salad (which was very lemony but went very well with the risotto), then ordered lobster butternut squash risotto as our appetizer. Then as our main entree we both had the beef wellington and shared the gouda mac n cheese (which was amazing). Lastly, we shared the sticky toffee pudding and OH MY… was it sooo delicious. Definitely a must if you try this place out, along with everything else that we ordered.


After a very filling dinner, we decided to have some fun at Top Golf. It was our first time going here and definitely won’t be our last. So much fun, especially when drinks are involved. There are 3 different floors to choose from, and we ended up on the 2nd floor. Now for 2 people golfing for an hour, it was definitely expensive. I would suggest going here with a group of people and splitting the cost. We paid $60 to golf and then each ordered a drink, so our total bill came out to be $82.00 plus tip. If you are a local they do offer 20% off, which our total bill already included the local discount. However, it was still very fun! We can’t wait to come back and do it again.


After golfing and completely whopping my husbands ass in golf (I AM TOTALLY KIDDING, I SUCKED) we ended up going to Hard Rock Casino and played some Roulette.. well actually my husband played, I watched. We ended up leaving Hard Rock $20.00 richer! GO US! We ended our night at 2am back at the hotel.

The day of Valentine’s Day, we had lunch at Pho Kim Long with some of the family while the kids where still at school, and later on that night we took the kids to one of their favorite restaurants, Olive Garden.


So to conclude, Valentine’s Day is a very special day. I don’t think it’s up to our significant other to always be the one to make the plans. Believe me, if you take the leap and make the plans, you’re significant other will definitely appreciate it. Not only, do we need to be loved and feel appreciated, but they do too!

I hope everyone enjoyed their special day and hope your day was filled with L-O-V-E!

All with love,



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