Unexpected Trip to Arizona

When planning out a trip, most trips come with good times, laughter, smiles, memories, etc. right? Unfortunately, this trip wasn’t most trips. We received news that my husband’s grandma passed away right before us flying out to go visit her, as she became ill. We had so many mix emotions. Not only was she my husband’s grandma, but she was my kids great grandma. Our original plan was to fly out to Arizona for the funeral, but of course my luck didn’t go as planned…
Hours before our flight was to depart my youngest daughter, Avery, caught a fever! Of course right!?! I swear, I feel like I’m having bad luck with our trips recently!

With much thought on what to do now, we choose not to fly. We didn’t want to take the risk, bringing her to the airport with all those germs there, and especially with the flu being as bad as it is. So, road trip it was! Luckily, since my husband works in the airport, we were able to cancel our flights without a problem.


7 hours later.. we finally arrived in our hotel. There was a huge Rodeo event going on in Tucson during that weekend (of course) so we did have a hard time finding a hotel. Most hotels were already sold out or the ones left were crazy expensive, which we weren’t going to spend the crazy amount of money they were asking for. We ended up staying at Quality Inn & Suites. Now, we’ve stayed at Inn’s before and most that we’ve stayed were pretty decent. We also like them because it comes with full breakfast, which is nice when you have hangry children as soon as they wake up. However, as far as the hotel, I wouldn’t stay here again. The room was definitely old, didn’t seem as clean (especially the bathroom) and the beddings had an odd smell. There is also an event center right in front of the hotel, which resulted in very loud music playing until about 2am! Let’s just say, I was really praying that my girls would get better so that way we weren’t stuck in the hotel room the whole time.

Luckily, my prayers were answered! The very next day the girls fever were both gone. My oldest was still a little groggy, but we decided to get them out of the hotel and let them get some fresh air.

We had lunch at an AMAZING taco place called, Boca Tacos Y Tequila. Oh my…. was is sooo delicious! This place is definitely a staple when we come back to visit. Thanks YELP for the recommendation!

After eating, my husband decided to drive us around town. He wasn’t born in Arizona, but he did grow up in Saharita, Arizona most of his early childhood.

He took us to “A” mountain. Beautiful views. Which resulted in great pictures!


Afterwards, we decided to re-visit San Xavier Mission Church. We visited this place in the past, however, visiting here will never get old. The church is beautiful. The pictures speak for itself. They also have fry bread! OMG..another amazing thing you must try!

We then visited some of his family, after leaving San Xavier Mission Church, and he showed us around his town that he grew up in. I love hearing stories of my husband’s childhood and having my kids hear his stories as well.

Later that night, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant in Tucson- El Corral. They have the best prime rib. Every time, we come to Tucson, this is a must.

The day we all dread…. funerals.

As much as we all hate funerals, it does bring family together. It brings memories of the past. It brings sadness, but also happiness when people tell their most loved memories about that person. It reconnects people. A funeral should never bring people together, but in some cases it does. We leave, hugging our loved ones a little more tighter and telling them how much we love them.

The service, for my husband’s grandmother, was beautiful. She was very loved, and did beautiful things for her community, which my husband and I did not even know of. She is actually being inducted into one of the hall of fames at the Smithsonian in April. Pretty cool huh?

We all attended lunch after the service at BJ’s Restaurant, which was great. This is were everyone reconnected.

After an exhausting/emotional day, we came back to the hotel and I took a much needed nap. We ended our night having dinner at Cheddar’s. Yup, as you know, another amazing place!

As you can tell this trip was all about eating.. I am totally kidding. But, as I am writing this, I’m thinking.. man it seems like all we did on this trip was eat! HAHA. Well, I guess we kind of did.

Well anyways, unexpected trips such as this one, are usually never good (unless it’s for business), but feelings aside; it’s a time were we get to spend time with family, grieve together, and smile together.

All with love,


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