A Visit to Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon has ALWAYS been on my bucket list of places to visit in the USA, and I can FINALLY check it off!


Right before entering the National Park, the drive alone is absolutely beautiful! All greenery. No desert (like i’m use to). And, right before the park entrance is Bryce Canyon City. Such a cute little area, that I wish we had more time to stop at and visit (definitely next time).

If you plan on making a visit and planning on spending all day at Bryce Canyon hiking, this little city has hotels, campgrounds, restaurants.. all the things you’ll need! They even have a little Tipi campground, that was darling! Definitely, want to experience a night in a Native American Tipi..at least for 1 night.

As far as Bryce Canyon itself, you do have to pay an entrance fee (just like any other National Parks), which was $35.00 for a single vehicle. To see other rates click here. This fee is good for 7 days, which I thought was awesome, in case you wanted to go back and do some hiking or explore even more.

This place is 18 miles long, and are most famous for their Bryce Amphitheater. It wasn’t until the end of our experience where we found the Amphitheater.

So, when we first got there, we tried to go to the visitor center first, but that place was packed and we couldn’t find any parking. Mind you my entire family went, so we were 4 cars deep! We then decided that we will visit the visitor center last, on our way back. So, the next stop was to try and find a bathroom (lol). Since Robert and I were riding in the back with my dad, he just started to drive. He kept missing scenic points, or they were just too filled. So we finally made our first view stop at Mile 12. Then we just going up from there….







Once we got to Mile 18, which was the highest elevation and the last mile before heading back down, we had our lunch break there. You know we can’t just have a “normal and easy” lunch… nope…. TACOS!





After our lunch break, we started heading back down the mountain and visit all the places we missed coming up the mountain (since we started at Mile 12)…..






Truthfully, I was starting to get a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, everything was beautiful but, I knew I seen pictures of Bryce Canyon with all these amazing pointy rock formations… and I just wasn’t seeing it….. at least yet!

 It wasn’t until we headed towards the beginning of the park (Inspiration Point) where all the beauty laid…..





So there you have it folks… Bryce Canyon and all the beauty this place has to offer. Definitely met my expectations, and definitely worth the travel. So, if this is a place that you’ve been wanting to see, come! It’s amazing. You can do all the hiking or the sight-seeing (just like we did because we had all the kids), but it was all still worth it!

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the visitor center to get yourself a souvenir and learn more of the history behind Bryce Canyon!




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