Camping- Najavo Lake, Utah

August 2017

For those who know me, know that I love being outdoors! My father raised me loving all outdoor activities, from fishing, all water activities, hiking, etc. Camping was something we always love doing. It’s so fun being with family and just being away from the city life, with NO CELL PHONE ACTIVITY!

This is the second time we visited Najavo Lake, Utah, and loved it! It’s so beautiful and peaceful there. We did do a different campsite this time, because dad joined us (and he brings his whole house with him), so we had to find a site that we were able to park our cars right by our site to make it easier to offload his truck. We did find a great spot (not as better as the year before) and had a great view of the lake, and loved the gorgeous yellow/green field we had, for the kids to play in.

Despite the beauties, it was cold and rainy. There were parts of the day that it would rain (even hailed) and we had to stay in our cars. So with that said, our tent got flooded! Yes, flooded! From what my husband told me there was a small rip at the bottom of our tent, and with it raining so much and for so long that the water just seeped through.

Luckily, down the mountain (about an 1 away), there was a city- Cedar City; which we had to purchase a new tent. Despite our tent being flooded, we ate some good food, and took in the nature. We ended our night with scary stories and smores!

The next day, my husband had to cut his camping trip short (because of work), but that didn’t stop us!

After a nice hearty lunch, we found this secret hidden gem; Cascade Falls.

The hike was about a mile long, however, it was pretty scary. Not scary for adults I would say, but more so for young children! So, if you hike this trail, hold onto your kiddos! There were many steeps and narrow trails with no rails to stop you from falling, and let me tell you it’s a long way down!


When getting to the waterfall, we were expecting a HUGE waterfall, so I’m sure you can imagine our disappointment when we got to the falls. Nonetheless, a waterfall is a waterfall no matter how big or small. It definitely gave a soothing and calming effect.

Our last night here, and we made our famous banana boats. Haven’t had a banana boat over a campfire, I HIGHLY suggest you try it! Man is it so YUMMY! As, we talked over the campfire with our delicious dessert, we were warned by a fellow camper that there was a skunk near the area. As, we went to bed, the skunk arrived!!! My nephew, left a bag of chips on the ground, and well I’m sure you all can guess what the skunk was doing. All night he was in our campground trying to find some other snacks. After a while, Skunk’s friend decided to join the club, and well the first skunk was not pleased. Which led to them fighting and one of them spraying! Luckily, it was not by my tent, but by my sister’s tent, and we got to hear how awful the smell was the next morning when we all woke up.


After a sleepless night, we let the kids play in the grass field on last time, before we had to pack up and head back to good ol’ Las Vegas.

To conclude this years camping trip, it’s definitely one to remember; cold nights, rain and hail, hiking, and most of all spending time with all the family before school started and making new memories!

All with love,


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