Top 6 DIY Halloween Costumes

I feel like DIY Halloween costumes are becoming more and more popular, and at times doesn’t put a dent into your wallet like other costumes do. So when I need inspiration or ideas I go to one place and one place only… Pinterest (and I think I can vouch for everyone else… it’s the new Google)!

So, since Halloween is approaching and I have yet figured out what I’m going to be for Halloween, I of course scrolled through Pinterest to find some adorable DIY Halloween costumes that doesn’t seem like it would be too much work or break the bank!

The past Halloween’s I’ve always stuck with my most simplest DIY costume, which is a black cat. I would say it’s the most absolute EASIEST look to put together, and VERY inexpensive. All you simply need is to wear everything black, buy whisker and ears (which I either get at the 99 Cent Store or Walmart) and paint on some whiskers and a cats nose. Easy right? Well, as I was scrolling I came across some DIY costumes that I just had to share with you all!

DISCLAIMER- The images above/below are NOT MINE. These images are from Pinterest. I have linked the sites which these images were taken from, in case you would like to see more in depth of how they created their look. 


(6) Pinterest 2018-10-26 23-41-37

1. Where’s Waldo | Such an adorable + cute costume to do! So simple yet classy.


(6) Pinterest 2018-10-26 23-42-33

2. TY Beanie Babies | Ok, isn’t this the most cutest thing ever! You can find an animal onesie pretty much every where now. It looks like they just took a red poster board + cut out white letters, then glued it onto the red shaped heart. I’m not sure how they kept the ‘TY’ tag onto the costume, but you can certainly safety pin it anywhere you would like.


(6) Pinterest 2018-10-26 23-40-22

3. Bag of JellyBeans | This is such a neat + creative idea. It seems pretty quick to do, if you need a last minute costume. As far as the materials on this, you can copy what she has on; by wearing all black, and then it appears she used clear gift wrap paper, printed out a large Jelly Belly logo + glued it onto the clear wrap, and added colorful balloons into the bag.. and walla you’re done!


(6) Pinterest 2018-10-26 23-40-43

4. Kitty Cat | I am seriously dying over how stinking cute this is! This calls for a black tulle tutu + black leggings/shirt. It also appears that the kitty ears/tail were handmade, so you can definitely re-create that or you can just go to Walmart or even 99 cent store and pick up kitty ears + a tail, just as I did.


(6) Pinterest 2018-10-26 23-41-59

5. Bank Robber | I feel like out of all the ones I shared, this would be the most easiest of all. All you need is a black/white stripped tee or long sleeve, black pants/leggings, black shoes, black gloves, and a black mask (optional). I love throwing on a pop of red lipstick to spice it up. In fact, I may be doing this for Halloween! HMMMM….


(6) Pinterest 2018-10-26 23-43-19

6. Candy Ball Machine | I LOVE this idea! I love how it gives a 3D affect! As far as what you need; a white tank, pom pom balls, a red skirt/pants, and a card stock or scrapbook paper with the words written on it. Love love love this!

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