Sleepless in Seattle…

When you have kids, your priority becomes them, right!? Of course it does! As much as it is important to also keep your relationship/marriage as a priority as your kids, you still end up putting your needs or shall I say alone time with your significant other on the back burner. Ok, well I don’t know if it’s like that with everyone, but that sure does apply to us.

Fast forward to 7 years later, when my husband says “lets take a trip to Seattle, Washington WITH NO KIDS!” WHAT!?!?! My first instinct was NO KIDS???, but then I say the words again…sloooowly. NOO KIDSSS??? HELL YEAH! Oops, did I say that?

Flights and hotel were booked, and arrangements were made to watch our kids. We decided to make no plans on this trip. Just taking it as it comes.




Once we arrived in Seattle and hit the outside Seattle turf, a sense of were not in Las Vegas anymore hit me.  BRRR! Let’s just say, I did not come prepared for how cold it was.

I mean do I normally come prepared? HECK NO!




After checking into our hotel, Robert and I were starving. We found this restaurant near our hotel (which our hotel was located right across from the airport and from the Link Light Rail) called 13 Coins ((thanks again Yelp)). I can say many good things about this restaurant. So, if you are staying near the airport and/or just want to try something new and yummy to eat, I highly recommend eating here. The best part, the restaurant is open 24 hours.

Don’t worry it’s not your “typical” 24hr restaurant. Let’s just say it’s pretty classy for being open 24hrs a day!

The very next day, was a day full of exploring!



After having to stop by Target, because my smart self decided to only bring slippers instead of boots or sneakers, my feet were freezing!

We ventured through Pike Place Market. This market has everything you need. Anywhere from flowers, nuts, food, jewelry, clothing, seafood, etc. You name it, i’m pretty sure they got it!

FLOWERS… let’s talk about the flower’s at Pike’s Place Market. In the morning every booth that were selling flowers, were completely filled with bouquets. By late afternoon, almost every bouquet was sold out. Now, in Las Vegas, bouquets like this run anywhere from $20 on up.. these were $25 and under; most costing only $10-$15.00! I know, you’re as shocked as I am, right!!

It seriously melted my heart seeing all the men/women purchasing flower(s). Just seeing people smell the flowers and seeing their face brighten up, just as mine did, made my day. Unfortunately, my biggest regret was not buying one.  I wasn’t sure if I was able to take it on the plane with me, and I didn’t want to take the risk of having to throw them away, if I wasn’t allowed too. And, of course so many people at the airport (when leaving) had bouquets! Welp, gives me all the more reason to come back!




Of course we had to see the first ever Starbucks!!! Did we stay in the long line outside…nope, but we sure did get a picture in front of it!





After strolling through the marketplace, we went to Seattle Waterfront. We ate lunch at Ivars Fish Bar, which we had some delicious chowder. I had clam chowder and Robert had lobster bisque (both very delicious). I wouldn’t suggest the fish n chips or the calamari, but the soup I could recommend and come back for.





You know, the typical picture with the ocean being our background!




Now, a MUST in Seattle is the famous Gum Wall, and placing your very own piece of (chewed) gum on the wall. *touch and place your gum at your own risk*



I know how nasty this probably looks, but c’mon we had to place our masterpiece of chewed bubble gum on the wall! (white/blue pieces next to each other are our masterpieces)

I am however, surprised that there wasn’t someone there selling bubblegum. Of course knowing us..we walked to the GUM WALL with NO GUM!!! WHO DOES THAT.. oh wait I know..US!!!

So, we had to go hunting for a candy shop or any shop that sold gum, and surprisingly it was quite hard to find a shop with gum!


Our last adventure for the day was Olympic Sculpture Park. A beautiful relaxing park with large monuments. We also had great views of the Space Needle. However, we were not able to go up on the Space Needle due to some renovations, which was a bummer, but it was still beautiful to see outside!


Last day in Seattle, and our flight wasn’t until that night. So, we decided to see more of what Seattle had to offer.

We took the link light rail to International District (Chinatown).

Chinatown.. Chinatown..Chinatown… I was very disappointed in you. I wouldn’t say it was much of a Chinatown, if I’m being honest. Unless, we went to the wrong Chinatown. I was expecting stores for us to shop in, lots of Chinese restaurants to choose from, etc. Well, that’s a big negative. We found only 1 shop (which was a grocery store) with a little shop inside to purchase some souvenirs. We did eat lunch at a Chinese restaurant there, which had pretty decent food. But, overall very disappointing and I wouldn’t waste your time.

Our last stop before heading back to the airport was Pioneer Square, where we checked out the parks near there and some neat shops.

Looking back on our trip, I would definitely come here again. This place is a great little getaway. The food and exploring that we did was simply amazing.

We were very lucky and didn’t encounter any rain, even though we kind of wanted to “experience” rain in Seattle. I mean that’s what they’re known for right? Transportation is easy to use there. There was no need for us to rent a car. We simply took the Link Light Rail to the main points of Seattle and walked to the attractions. I would suggest that if you are not renting a car, try and get your hotel near the Link Light Rail so that way it’s more convenient for you, especially when you’ve done a full day of walking.

Robert and I definitely want to return, and next time, I’m coming home with flowers!!!

Have any of you visited Seattle? Was there any must sees or eats? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what are your must sees/eats in Seattle.

All with love,


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