Words WE Avoid In Our House

When you have kids, our kids hear what comes our of our mouths, right? Well, speaking for myself, I may not have the cleanest mouth (yes I curse), but I do have rules in our home which certain words are not allowed to be used.

We won’t be able to hide our kids from hearing things we don’t want them to hear and especially say, but we can teach them the reason as to why it’s not ok to say it and why we don’t want them saying it.

I know I’ve mentioned it in a post before, that we didn’t like the kids using certain words along with curse words of course,  but there’s a reason to it.

  • hate
  • ugly
  • stupid
  • fat
  • curse words
  • dumb

Other than curse words, you see that there were a few other words that I listed that we don’t like our kids saying.

So why is that?

Saying the words… hate, ugly, stupid, fat, dumb are more of a personal meaning and when those words are used can really take a personal toll on someone. Wether it’s being told to a kid or adult. We consider those “mean words”. I believe that when kids are allowed to freely use the words “ugly”, “fat”, “dumb”, “stupid”… you allowing bullying in some sort of way. Weather those words are being used to tell someone… or if they are telling that to themselves.

As parents, we don’t ever want our kids to not love themselves and we especially don’t want our kids to bully others; so stopping those words can help in tremendous ways. So, when it comes to raising your kids, start them young by correcting what they say. Once you do this you will see much improvement as they grow.

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