Quick trip to California

Right after attending my husbands grandmother’s funeral, we were literally back home for part of the day, or I should say night, then had to go to California for a quick trip. We love going to California for a quick get-a-way. The beach is there, family, and so many other things to do there for the kids. However, this trip was a little bit different. This time, we went to visit my aunt who is a dentist, which meant cleanings! You’re probably thinking, you travel all the way to California just for a cleaning!?! Well, yes! When you have an aunt who is awesome at what she does, then yes, we travel to California just for her to do our teeth and make them pretty and healthy!

You know we couldn’t resist stopping at the beach to soak in some vitamin sea. One of many beaches that we love in California is Redondo Beach. Everything about this beach is great. The pier, the beach, and the food!!

Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach

Ocean Gazing..

The morning of our dental appointments, we had breakfast at King’s Hawaiian Restaurant (you know those delicious Hawaiian rolls you purchase at the store, yep they have a restaurant in California). The food was delicious, especially the french toast!

Big Island Breakfast (most popular plate)

From what I was just thinking will just be cleanings for us and possibly some cavities that needed to be filled. Well one thing was forsure, I was right about the cleanings and cavaties, with the exception that I was getting braces too! WHAAT!!! Yup, braces were placed on and boy am I feeling the soreness and pain right now. All I can say is not being able to eat sucks!!!

The best assistant out there!

Family from Vegas and San Diego

So we left California with spending some time with family, getting our teeth done, and oh and did I mention getting braces! I will have a blog posted on how it was when braces were placed on and the first 7 days of braces, for those who are interested. Until then, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Happy Monday & hope you all have a productive and great week ahead!

All with love,


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