October Round Up

October is one of my favorite months because this is when are the holiday festivities begin.

We sure did have an eventful month, and I’m still in awe that we are a day away from it being November. Which means Christmas is a month and a half begin!!!

We started off the month with honoring the victims of last years October 1 shooting here in Las Vegas. My husband and I participated in our children’s school prayer along with a little mass session, following a group picture.

Terrain Race

For the past couple of year Melia + Avery have been racing in the Terrain Race. There are many obstacles that they have to complete, but most importantly is crossing the finish line. After they cross the finish line they are provided with their medal! The girls love doing this, and look forward to it every year. To read/see more of the race they did click here.

Gilcrease Orchard

A yearly tradition that we look forward doing every year! We all love search and picking our pumpkins from here, and some other veggies that they have.

We can’t forget about the apples!

We save the best for last! Apple cider donuts + apple cider + their kettle corn! DELICIOUS!

1 Month Keto Update

Being on keto for a month, made me really wish I had done this a LOOOONNNG time ago. BUT, since I didn’t I am happy to say, I lost 22 pounds so far and I DON’T feel like I’m on any type of diet! I feel amazing, have so much more energy, and can already see me slimming done! Can’t wait to see the results on my 2 month update!

Daddy/Daughter Dance

The very first daddy/daughter dance that was held at my daughters school! FINALLY. I honestly don’t know why they never done it before, but SO glad they have done it now! Our kids LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I remember going to these when I was a kid with my dad + remember how fun and happy I was, so seeing my girls have the same experience melts my heart!! I just wish I was a fly on the wall to witness everything!

12 Year Anniversary Date Night

It’s been 12 years of my husband and I being together… 12 years ya’ll!

We celebrated our anniversary by having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Hell’s Kitchen by Gordan Ramsay. IT WAS AMAZING! The food is so worth the price… ESPECIALLY their sticky toffee pudding…. OMG *DROOLING*.

After our delicious dinner, we stopped by the Bellagio Conservatory and looked at the beautiful garden. I love stopping by here. I swear everything time I come, I’m blown away!

Pumpkin Patch

Another festivity we do right before Halloween, is go to the pumpkin patch. Even though we already purchased our pumpkins at the Orchard, we still like taking the girls here to to ride the rides and play some games. Of course indulged in funnel cake (which BTW I DID NOT HAVE).

Carving pumpkins

This year was really exciting when it came to carving pumpkins. Why? Well that’s because Melia + Avery actually carved their own pumpkin!!!!! Every year it’s always Robert + I that get stuck with doing it, but not this year! And they actually loved doing it!! Well besides taking out the “pumpkin guts”.



Happy Halloween.. this year I grant you…

Melia of Avalor (Elena of Avalor)


Avery the Fairy

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