May Beauty FAVES


I’m so excited for this months beauty FAVES because ALL of these products, are products that I’ve been using for years now and have re-purchased many times over and over again!

Hot Tools Curling Iron

I’ve tried many and many of curling wands/irons, but my ALL TIME FAVORITE curling iron and that is pretty affordable is the Hot Tools gold series iron! Not only do my curls stay in for days, but the quality has lasted me for years! I spent roughly $45.00 on this iron at Sally’s Beauty Supply, but I found it at Target for a few bucks cheaper! I love how the heat on this iron goes up to 450 degrees, so it’s definitely adjustable. Definitely worth every penny.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

Now, I have many of highlight pallets, more than I need, but I will say this is one of my favorites… by far! You don’t need much to get that beautiful glow/highlight, and the colors are very versatile for all skin tones (IMO).

NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

When it comes to eyebrow gel, I do love using the ABH brow gel, but I also do love using this MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE brow gel better! For less than $10 bucks, this gel does exactly what the ABH brow gel does. When using this, my brows are in place all day long and don’t move! You can’t go wrong with this product!

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour

By far my FAVORITE contour palette!!! The bronze shades on this pallet are seriously everything, and go smoothly and perfectly on the skin! I also love using the light colors under my eye for brightness. You can see that the middle bronze shade was by far my favorite. It was perfect for my everyday bronze look, not saying that the other ones aren’t, but the middle shade is everything. Now, I just need to purchase the refillable pan! 

Cetephil Daily Facial Cleanser

Alright, so for years I’ve spent a pretty penny on face washes. Many name brands and top of the brand face washes, but my end result was always not good. It would either be too harsh on my skin or would give me some major breakouts. It wasn’t until I went on vacation one day and forgot my face wash and ended up having to use my mom’s Cetephil Facial Cleanser…. ever since then it’s been my ONLY face wash that I’ve been using. I rave about this face wash to all my friends and family. It’s so sensitive on my skin and definitely does the job. Little did I know, that I didn’t have to spend so much money on a face wash, when in the end it doesn’t really give me a benefit, other than remove dirt/makeup off my face, but still cleanses it very good!

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