Kids Closet Makeover For Less Than $100

So it all started when I was looking for some LOL Surprise toys for my youngest daughter’s (Avery) 6th birthday.

Before re-doing + organizing Melia & Avery’s closet/toys, they use to place ALL their toys in a large plastic storage bin. Which was possibly the worst idea ever. Not only did their toys become pile high, but they didn’t ever play with any of the toys that would fall at the bottom, because that would require for them to remove ALL the toys, which then causes a HUGE mess.

I didn’t realize how big this was a problem UNTIL I was looking for these specific toys for Avery’s party. So I decided that my full attention and next project was re-doing and organizing all their toys + books.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before pictures of their closet, because to be honest I didn’t think I would be writing a blog post on this makeover, but so many of you liked it + where asking where I got everything from, so I decided to round up everything and put it in a post for you all. Now I know. So in the future, I will make sure to take any before pictures, so you can see how much of a difference it makes!

Starting off with their closet, I first started off with going through ALL their clothes. Storing away any Winter clothes, donating any clothes that no longer fit them, and re-arranging the clothes that were hung up in their closet + in their dresser. 2 donation bags later + 4 under the bed storage bins, make a whirl wind of a difference.

I don’t know why I never thought about using under the bed storage bins. Before I use to store them in their closet, in bags, or in an hanging 6 shelf organizer. However, I bought THESE UNDER THE BED STORAGE CONTAINERS for $4.99 at Target, and they are PERFECT!

Next up, I went through all their toys! I assorted all their toys in different piles. All LOL Surprises together, all Hatchimals, all balls, etc. After sorting all the toys, I was able to see from there how big of a organizing shelf I needed, and how many storage containers I needed as well.

After organizing all the toys, but not yet purchasing any organizing bins yet, I moved onto their books. We donated many books that they grew out of, but I also organized the books based on Melia + Avery’s reading level.

So, now that LITERALLY everything was completely organized + gone through, that was when it was shopping time. I did go on Pinterest and get some inspo of how I want their toys/books to look, so I had some what of an idea of what I was already shopping for….. a 6-8 organizing shelf, clear shoe bins, totes, and large storage bins.

What I did do was take my time shopping for what I needed. I went to a couple stores price checking and looking at the quality before actually purchasing them. I wanted to make sure the shelves were within the budget, but also was what I needed.

I ended up purchasing THIS 8 SHELF UNIT from Ikea for $49.99 in white + bought 6 of THESE SAMLA BOXES WITH LID to store any small toys that they have; such as Hatchimals, LOL Surprise, and any other small little toys.

Next, I went to Target to buy a few more organizing bins. So one thing that my girls are really into are stuffed animals. They have SOOO MUCH stuffed animals, it’s ridiculous! They have many stuffed animals on their bed + the rest are in 2 large kitchen bags stored in their closet! So, my next idea was to store all of the stuffed animals in a large storage bin, rather than trash bags. I decided to use the storage bin that was in their room, that was previously used to hold all their toys, and purchase another identical one for all their stuffed animals. This was the STORAGE BIN that I bought for $7.99 at Target. I found this way to be 1. less of an eye sore and 2. more of a better way for them to be able to play with their stuffed animals + an easier way to clean up as well.

Avery, loves playing with kitchen toys/food so I purchased this very inexpensive 7 GAL STORAGE BIN  at Target for $8.99 and stored all of her kitchen toys in there. I also love how it goes with the 2 other totes filled with their stuffed animals.

The other 2 fabric storage bins I found at the dollar section at Target, but unfortunately I do not have a link to them. But, you can certainly find a fabric storage bin or cube storage bin that will go perfectly in the shelves.

As far as the fur carpet, I did purchase this FAUX FUR ROUND CARPET at Target for $24.99, quite some time ago. In my opinion though, adding the fur carpet into the room made all the difference, and actually completed it!

Lastly, the items on top of the 8 shelve unit, such as the wooden basket; I had stored in my garage. I honestly don’t remember where I purchased it from, but you can definitely add whatever you like on top of these shelves, just as I did.

I hope you like it. I seriously love their closet makeup + so does the girls. To be honest, ever since doing this, their room is not a mess anymore. They are so much more organized with their toys, and in a way made them more responsible with cleaning up.

So it was definitely a win win situation!!!!


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